Three Quick Steps To Turn Life Around!

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Did you start off 2016 by vowing to yourself that THIS time you’d finally stick to your resolutions? Maybe you told yourself that you’d finally stop smoking… Or you tried cutting out alcohol or carbs…

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Why we fail at practicing ‘Self-Love’ from books and how to succeed!

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Have you tried to practice self-love with the help of books and found that it wasn’t that easy? As you tried that simple mantra it just didn’t work?

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Anxiety-free and a new lease of life in only five Hypnotherapy sessions

I’ve been recording 30 second video clips of clients, right after they finished their last session with me or right after their Soul reading. The results are fresh!

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Why saying NO always means saying YES to something better


We think that saying ‘No’ is not going to be accepted and sometimes that might be true, but does it actually benefit anybody, if we say ‘yes’ when we mean ‘no’?

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MOT Your Relationship…

Tu An, Hong Kong

Have you ever wondered why we all make such a mess of our relationships? I bet you have. It costs us our good night’s sleep, our hearts get terribly broken, we suffer from stress, anxiety, anger and frustration. We drink because of it and some of us smoke or worse…

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Interview BBC Tees Radio – #goingslowintheshower

Sacha was interviewed last week by Mike Parr from Radio station “BBC Tees” for their Morning Show. She explains the importance and benefits of ‘slowing down’ to Mike and sets him a week’s challenge that he takes on. You can Join The Slow Experiment that Sacha and Mike are doing by practising “slowing down while…

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How Being Both Hot and Beautiful Creates A Better World


There are a lot of articles going round about the difference between “being hot” or “being beautiful” as a woman, and usually in those articles, men get slagged off for liking a hot and sexy woman, but what is wrong with that?

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How to stick to your New Year’s resolutions once and for all!

Happy new year

We always have new year’s resolutions, but often let go of them too quickly. Why is it so hard to stick to conquering our addictions and changing our ways?

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Catcalling: The heart and soul of the matter?


Walking outside without any fear is a most extraordinary and liberating experience for a woman. And yet it is quite rare for any woman to feel like that. As a young girl, I was the subject of bullying in school with braces and glasses, a short blond curly Afro-do and feet pointing inwards, making me…

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Intensify Your Life: The Power of Going Slow


Have you ever taken the time to truly slow down in what you’re doing and realised that by doing so you gain a tremendous amount of energy, awareness and joy. No…? It’s actually quite easy to try. Take a normal everyday thing like say, eating, so you can practice with the ‘slow flow’ at any…

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