This week the imagery in a reading was so striking and insightful that it’s worth to share with you all as so many of us wonder why we can’t access our real power!

‘I don’t feel connected to my self’ said the male client at the start of his first reading this week. He wanted to find out why and how to reconnect to himself again and I was so curious to see what his soul would come up with. Each soul has such a unique way of explaining in very exact and simple words or symbology what is needed, and how to simply and effortlessly move on to what we really want.

In this particular case I got to see a beautiful bright green tree frog:


This man had tried to squeeze himself into being a ‘frog’ all of his life, while in reality his soul was more like a proud and elegant royal horse. Can you imagine how much effort and energy it had taken him every single day, to try to be the total opposite of what he really was? So many aspects of the horse do not match the frog and vice versa. of course you will NEVER access your true power if you live your life like this, and many many people that I see will do exactly the same in some sort of way. I did as well, for many years.

On the one hand, this pattern of not allowing himself to be who he really was had made the man strong and determined, but on the other hand it had weakened him completely in his contact with his real self. He had no idea how to be that proud royal horse (his true nature) anymore, and on top of that he felt that qualities like pride and showing the world openly what you have to offer were qualites he didn’t like.

Ofcourse having mastered ‘being a frog’ he rather stayed hidden and inbetween the leaves of a tree, in stead of strotting around like a proud horse showing of his royal blood. The qualities he needed to embrase most, were the ones he judged in others!! Interesting how life always mirrors us exactly what we need.


It felt totally logical that this pattern of not allowing himself to be what he was, would exhaust and depress him, and disconnect him from his real self. You’d maybe expect it would be a really long journey for him to return to being that proud horse. But his soul cae up with two simple steps and they’re worth sharing as they will be the same for everyone.

1. Start following every single bit of your real feelings, and with every bit I mean every single bit!

2. Keep that image of the proud royal horse in your heart, in your mind and in your base chakra and it will start to resonate and bring out the soul-power that you naturally are.

Depending on what you feel you truly are, you keep that particlar image in mind, and as far as following your real feelings: It literally means allowing all that comes up to be: if you feel tears welling up, let them! If you walk into a cafe and it feels wrong to be there, turn around and walk out. If you don;t want to celebrate fathers day or if you don;t want to do what is expected of you, then listen to it. Often what we are expected to do, bocks us in following our true flow and nature.

It doesn’t mean we have to judge others that want to do what is expected, it doesn’t mean we have to be harsh to those around us, we do NOT have to fight for being ourselves, all we have to do is to allow it inside. When we give permission, it’ll happen. It’ll give you the greatest joy and peace that you can imagine. The rest will follow naturally.

Enjoy the power of allowing and unfolding. Its effortless and instant.

blessings to you,