One of the biggest keys to accessing all of your power is: inhibiting all of yourself, free from shame or guilt. This sounds really logical and easy… right? and yet, it’s one of the hardest things to do for most of us…Why? I’ll tell you…

Because we do not realize how much we live by rules, impressions, thoughts, idea’s, cultural- and copied behaviour  imprinted on us since we were born. We behave how we are ‘supposed’ to, meet people because we feel we have to or can’t say ‘no’… we tell lies big and little ones about our feelings out of politeness, we cheat on those we say we love, we cheat on ourselves, we drink to forget, we smoke to suppress… all this encages us, it blocks our soul and our power and it’s far… so far from being free, from being in the vibrancy of our full power. Living like this is living imprisoned, slowly we kill our life force.

Our soul however is unique and authentic and it’s always capable of letting us feel our true needs, of letting us feel what is right for us… she is our natural automatic pilot that tells us exactly what resonates and what doesn’t and all we have to do to become more ourselves is to listen and follow what is 100% right for us, without looking at anything else. what is true for us is right for the greater good.

Our autmatic pilot can be a little bit snowed under because of all that we do that doesn’t resonate with who we really are. Its harder to listen to yourself when you are clogged up. To help people return to the clarity of their inner voice, I work with personally attuned mantra’s, exercises, meditations and colours in my coachings. This personally attuned approach works like a key to a keyhole, and this is exactly why ‘generalized’ mantra’s and practices don’t always work. They might work to some degree, but to access your full power, you need specific keys, attuned to you. We all have doors to our inner being and we all have keyholes, but not just any key fits the keyhole.

In matters of the soul and unlocking it’s deeper wisdom and truth, in unlocking our full power and freedom, we can use universal keys but only until a certain point of our developement and uncovering, after that it becomes personal and very specific. Personalized exercises work more quickly and more directly. Sometimes one changed word in a mantra, makes 100% difference in the effect of that mantra on you, in being 100% beneficial or in doing absolutely nothing.

So if you’ve tried generalized spiritual or mental techniques and they don’t seem to work completely… it’s not because you can’t do it… it’s not because something is wrong with you… it might just be because you need a specified key, to unlock your potential!

What ever it is that is truly right for you, will be the right thing to do for everybody else… and with ‘right’ I mean what truly resonates and nurtures with you 100% on a deeper level. And what is right, differs for every person. What opens you up to your soul differs for every person.

Much love and blessings,