The Magic of Life Continues

Underneath you can read everything I shared in 2008. There is so much ‘magical synchronicity and fun’ constantly happening in my life, that it might help you on your journey. Life really supports us, if we let it… Enjoy the read and be inspired!

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February ~ The Almost Magical Move
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Soul reading
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The blue butterfly
Boat of Joy
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Heartshaped Reactions
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Signs of Abundance




{jumi [/media/soulflash.php][newsdate][22 December 2008]}

Signs of abundance

I started the blog this year with a spider story and I’d like to end it with one too. This story still feels like a fairytale, one that actually really happened to me over summer. I hope that reading this will inspire you all to keep going on your path, to keep following your heart, knowing that good things come to those who wait. You might not know when it’ll arrive but I can assure you, when you follow your heart they do come.

A while ago I made a radio show about : ‘signs, obstacles and stumbling blocks’. Of course I didn’t have time to speak about all the amazing signs that were going on in my life.

Sacha at The Radio
© Carin du Burck

One day around the time I made that show, while meditating I unexpectedly saw a small bag of golden coins being poured out at my feet and with it came the message : ‘abundance is to come your way’.

I noted it down like I always do, being graceful for the received images and I carried on with my meditation. I usually try to not interpret or pinpoint the meaning of it, although this one was pretty clear. Still it could have been symbolical.

The soul has a unique way of showing us things that can have many different meanings. I’ve learned it’s best to keep it in the back of my mind and to wait until life offers me the situation that I’ve already seen. Sometimes it comes true within minutes and sometimes it takes weeks or months.

Not long after having seen this, I found a huge nest of teenie tiny little spiders one morning. They had been born over night in a corner close to the backdoor. There were literally hundreds of them and they really hadn’t been there the night before. As I went to get the dustpan and brush, one of my friends walked in, looked at it and said: ‘Oh wow, that’s a really good sign, those are money spiders and you’ve got hundreds, thousands of them!”

I looked a little bewildered as I was about to scoop them up……eeeh, money spiders? Never heard of. It did however instantly bring back the meditation I had had a few days before. Two signs in one week. Maybe life really was trying to tell me something?

I felt thankful and very carefully I took them out into the garden so they could build their home under my palm tree. Nothing happened in the next few days but after a week I was offered a personal and lifelong sponsorship, just like that, out of the blue. It took me a long time to believe that this was actually happening and when I did I couldn’t stop crying, how lucky was I?

Though everybody around me seemed to think it great, I really had to think about it. Whether it was right to accept it. Knowing the consequences of unity I knew that it could affect my work, if it wasn’t given with pure and honest intent. So I sat with it, every day and every day I would get the same answer, that it was a gift of life that I could freely accept because I had earned it.

It took me three weeks to hear this before I could make the decision to say ‘Yes, please and Thank you so very very much’.

Had I not received the signs beforehand, I probably would not have been able to. Sometimes the signs we are given are there to prepare us for what is coming. And often life shows its beauty in being so wonderfully well designed that surrender to it becomes an easy step. Every time we trust that step becomes more easy. It’s practise really.

Sharing this story helps me and hopefully all of you to remember that we are taken care of by life, always. Even in the difficult times we are in right now, miracles do happen. If we do what is right in our heart, we receive in return from life.

I hope my stories inspire you to live from your heart more and more, trusting that all is well, at all times, no matter what. If we go through hardship, changes, fear. If we are being pushed to change jobs, often when looking back we realise that event turned out to be our biggest saving grace. I wish that you may all find yours, and as you are reading this, realize that so far life has taken care of you.

Much love, Merry Christmas and a very happy blessed New Year.


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Assumptions – part 2 : guardians in disguise

Two years ago, I went on holiday to San Francisco. In the first hour after my arrival I met a bunch of street kids outside of my hotel. They wanted some change but I honestly didn’t have any, instead of walking by, I stopped and promised that if I would buy something before coming back, they would get the change.

On my return half an hour or so later, I had not bought anything and still had no change. As I walked by they asked for my change and I stopped to explain. Before I could though, they started calling me names and shout. I felt overwhelmed and walked on, reason wouldn’t help. Once in the elevator it really didn’t feel right, though. Everything in me wanted to go back and talk it over with them. I had done nothing wrong and I didn’t deserve this. So I went back down and decided to go and have a talk.

I walked up to the seven of them and said: can I talk to you? My return seemed to surprise and I sat myself down and I asked them if they thought it would help them in any way to be this aggressive to people. I was going to be there for a whole two weeks and I would have been happy to donate to them when I did have change. I asked them if they thought they would receive any respect from people, if they couldn’t respect the people that wanted to give to them. How could they hate society, and yet ask that same society to give them money? I showed them my wallet and said: ‘Look there really is no change in here yet’.

The directness of my question had effect and they apologized. While talking I got intrigued by this bunch of kids and we exchanged names and stories. I liked them and felt I had gained 7 friends. The next day they stopped me when I went out in the morning and said they had thought about what I had said, and it had made them think about respect and society. We spoke for a while and I asked them how they could have ended up like this, what had happened.

They then told me the exact same thing as the man in the park had told me in the previous blog: They had chosen to live on the streets because it was easy. They didn’t want to take part in society. I was stunned by this answer, just as stunned as when the old man in the park had told me this message.

San Francisco
In the two weeks following I spend quite some time with my bunch of seven. Though I felt money was no good to give, I brought them all the food that I couldn’t eat and that the hotel was throwing away after breakfast in the morning and I always had a long and interesting talk with them.

We shared a lot of our stories and visions of life. Had I assumed they were victims of some sort, they obviously had assumed everything had always been easy for me. Which they found out was quite the opposite.

One of them looked me in the eyes one day and said: ‘I think you are our guardian angel. I feel better when you are around, you give me hope and make me think again.’ It made me blush and happy at the same time, happy that following my heart was having an effect on them and on me as well.

….And then one day I wandered into the San Fransisco Bay park by myself, unknowingly walking into a gang area. As soon as I was in, I felt the danger in the air and I knew I was in big trouble. Within minutes I was surrounded by men harassing me for God knows what, money, sex , drugs and just when I thought this could get really ugly, I suddenly heard my name shouted loudly.

‘Sacha!!, Hey Sacha!’ I thought I was dreaming as I was in San Francisco on my own. Who on earth would know me in this place of the park of all places, in ‘gang land’? “Hey Sacha, Sacha, over here.’ as I looked around to see where my name came from, to my surprise I saw ‘my bunch of seven’, smiling at me and waving, seated in the grass at the sidewalk. What a blessing and a coincidence!

One got up and came over, took my hand and pulled me out of the group of men that were surrounding me and said: ‘She’s with us man, she’s cool, leave her alone’. And off we walked into safety.

I sat down with them to catch my breath. After a while I said: ‘Now you have been my guardian angels too!’ From that moment on they took it upon themselves to watch over me like I had watched over them. They escorted me from and to the Hotel whenever they could, making sure I was alright. I even seemed to bump into them when being downtown and I felt ever so safe with them around and I kept on doing what I had done before. They made my holiday really special. I will never ever forget them.

It’s really interesting how life weaves its lessons into these amazing meetings and how the people we least expect can turn out to be our guardian angels. Had I not had any pocket change that first day, had they not been a bit ugly with me and had I not decided to go back and clear the air, then I might have been in real trouble that day in the park. It just showed me how important it can be to follow your heart, all the time.

Our ability to reach out and give from the heart opens doors to understanding each other beyond our own limited points of view. When we stay open to others, to anybody, we give ourselves the opportunity to learn and grow and see life from a different perspective. It’s healing to come to understand those who make different choices. From this understanding comes peace.

Each day I learn that we really cannot judge a book by its cover, ever!

Blessed be, Sacha.

{jumi [/media/soulflash.php][newsdate][24 November 2008]}

Assumptions – part 1 : the man in the park

One day as I walked my dog through the park, there was an old man sitting on the bench under the big tree. He was wrapped up in many layers of clothes and he was reading an old book. I greeted him and walked on.

I greeted him every day thereafter and every day I thought about him. Who would he be, how had it come this far, what had happened, would he have children, would they worry about him etc.

And every day I thought about asking him if I could help, if he’d wanted to come home with me to have a nice meal or a shower and some warmth. As it was autumn he must have been cold and wet, being out in this time of year. I felt guilty for having so much, and for him to be out in the cold on his own. But there was something about him that stopped me and I wasn’t quite sure what. Something that prevented me from really going up to him to ask if I could help.

On the third day I saw him reading on his bench in the rain as it was nearly dark. He was soaking wet and I just felt for him. I wanted to know his story, if it would have been my dad, I would have wanted others to care. So I decided to go over and sit down with him to see if I could be of any help.

As I walked over and greeted him, I asked if it was okay to sit down and have a chat.
He said : ‘No thanks, I have nothing to say.’, he didn’t even take his eyes from his book. I said: ‘you don’t have to talk to me, I just want to know if there is anything I can do for you. It’s so cold and wet. ‘ He said: ‘No thanks, I am happy right here.’
So I apologized for disturbing him and I walked on, feeling a little uneasy.

The next day he was still there, on the same bench, in the same spot. It seemed he had not moved from it in the past four days. I walked past and greeted him as usual and to my surprise he greeted me back. It made me happy, maybe he just needed to get to know me a little?

As I came back, I walked up and said: ‘How are you today?’
He took his eyes of his book and looked at me for a moment. ‘what exactly do you want’, he said quite annoyed. I shrugged, thought about it for a minute and said : ‘I would like to give you the feeling that somebody cares’. He then said: ‘You are just feeling guilty. Did it ever occur to you that maybe I choose to live like this?’
‘Eeeh….No, it didn’t’, I said.

It was becoming obvious that what had stopped me in approaching him on the first two days, actually was exactly right. He really really did not want or need anything. I went home and let it be. At least I tried. When I saw him again that evening I still had the feeling that all of this happened for a reason and my feeling to give was still there and I knew by now that it was genuine. If he really didn’t want anything I wouldn’t be feeling it. So I was not going to give up. As this insight sunk in, I got a great idea.

I decided to give him my little flashlight, regardless of his response, with that little lantern he could at least read in the dark.

This time I didn’t ask him anything, I just walked up and said: Hi, you were right, I was feeling guilty and maybe it was disrespectful to assume you had been a victim of bad luck. Would you be so kind to accept my flashlight as an apology’.

He held out his hand, but he didn’t say a thing. I gave it to him and walked on in the dark, pleased he had accepted my apology.
As I came back later, he was reading in his book in the glow of my little lantern, It made me feel so incredibly happy. The encounter with this man had a big impact on me, it made me think about the way we give and how we give it. It made me more carefull in assuming things about others, and it made me realize that when we truly give what feels right, it gives to both parties.
When we dare to connect and engage we can be touched in our hearts and that’s an experience we will never forget.

With Christmas coming up, maybe we all should think about this a little bit:
What are the reasons for our giving, why do we give and with what intent. Are we giving because society says it’s time? Or… because others expect it, and do we really feel it in our heart what we buy and why? Do we connect with the act of giving.
Can we feel it in our hearts or are we out shopping with a grudge. Do we give because we want to, or because we feel we have no choice?
And would our gifts be valued if they didn’t come completely and wholly from our hearts.

I believe that the gifts we give from our hearts truth, are the ones that heal naturally. I think it’s the power of the readings I make, they truly come from a deep place of connection to the person I read for, and it’s that connection of love that makes it so special.

Think about it this month, think of how you give and how you want to give and think of the intent behind it.
Try to make a change on the inside, Really connect with the process of giving a gift, not because you have to, but because you have choosen to do so, to enjoy this process. This way, the christmasgifts become a spiritual practise that deepens your awareness and besides fulfilling yourself because you connect, it will make other people very happy too.

Blessings, Sacha.

{jumi [/media/soulflash.php][newsdate][31 October 2008]}

Heart shaped reactions from you

I love it that my love for hearts makes others aware of hearts to spot in daily life. I see many hearts all the time and everywhere. Whether it’s a cloud heart, a sheep’s poo heart, a water heart or a stone heart, it always makes me smile. This morning I ate a bowl of oatcereal and one flake popped out next to the bowl, in a heart shape. Thought it was about time to do a blog on heart shapes again.

The more I work with the heart, the more hearts I seem to encounter in nature and life itself. It’s made me realize even more how beautifully unique and different we all are differ in our hearts. This also comes forward in the heart art paintings I create for people. You’ll never see the same painting twice and it’s always interesting to me to see what kind of heart will appear this time. It’s great that this view on hearts is inspiring others and for them to send me pictures of hearts in life that they come across! Nothing better than opening my email to find a heart picture in it.

This heart underneath I spotted together with a client at the Chalice Well gardens, while we were out doing a meditation together. You could only see it properly from the spot we were sitting at, a spot I had never sat before until that day! Sometimes changing your position gives new light to what is there! It was taken above the water fall in Arthur’s Court.

Heart in Arthurs Court
Here’s a few pictures that were sent to me that I’d like to share with you:

This potato heart was sent in this week, thank you Patty, love it!
Potato Heart

and this heart on the side of a castle is fantastic too. Thank you very much Carin!
Castle Heart

Isn’t nature funny and beautifully perfect! Please keep sending the heart pictures in!

and finally:

This picture underneath came in with a rather personal heart message to me! As it had been an odd two past weeks with lots of challenging unusual things happen, so it meant a lot to me to receive this. It was also very symbolical because some features in the ad very much expressed my journey that very week. I’m also working on a new shop, exactly like the ad said and I had been put in a position where I needed to stand up for myself. So it all came together quite amazing. It was as if the universe said to me: We love you, you can handle this and don’t you forget about it.

Many thanks to Mariska for sending it to me!
Circus Of Life

Thank you all and much love to all of you in return,

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The Glastonbury Mirror

Living in Glastonbury is an intense experience. Over the years, while living here and while coaching people in retreats and seeing them come and go and come back again to my guesthouse, I’ve learned a lot about what Glastonbury is, what it represents and how the energy works for us.

Most people experience a lot of coincidental meetings when they are here. I call it ‘the Glastonbury Mirror’. What you encounter here, in people and conversations is part of your own reflection. When I give retreats I myself have a mirror function to the people I coach. I become the mirror of what lives in their soul, of what they need to see within themselves. While we work on strengthening the source within, the layers that block this will become visible and often I reflect that back at them. And because I can feel it in my own body, I can explain it to them and lead the way out. It’s a really interesting, deep and fun process.

And when they leave my house and the retreat is over, I go back to being ‘just’ me. It’s quite an intense process for me and it requires of me to be balanced and at peace when I give retreats.

If you come to live here, the energy takes you in even deeper and there are different scenario’s possible but the one and only constant factor that I see happening over and over again and that I have experienced myself is that people forget why they have come here. Why they have been called to Glastonbury. First and foremost you come here because you need it yourself. If you’re called here then there is something that you either need to heal within yourself or that you need to understand about yourself, to be able to move forward in your life.

Secondly if you come here with a lot of illusions and expectations about yourself and about your purpose and possibly about Glastonbury, then you’ll be assured to come out with none of them left.

What you believe and what you create, will be returned to you instantly. You could call it ‘instant Karma’. What you need to learn and what you ask for, will be presented right in front of you, all the time and there is no escape. It will often come in ways that you didn’t expect or in ways that you could have never imagined. This can be a good thing, when you are aware and you learn from it, when you adjust to it inside of yourself and it can be a real bad nightmare if you don’t.

It shall be obvious that unsolved issues inside of you will come out more strong in a place of power. I’ve been here for nearly 5 years now and whatever happens to me here, I always first try to see what it is telling me. What is the mirror trying to show, it’s a real challenge to be grateful for whatever comes your way but if and when you do, when you are strong enough to own up to it, the rewards are so big. Life will start to speak to you more and you’ll see the warnings and promises ahead of time. Then you really grow and life will reward you with that mirror too.

But when you refuse to see what the mirror shows you, and when you try to change the mirror but not yourself, then the plot thickens and it will get worse and worse until you are willing to see and change.

Owning your truth is absolutely necessary here, in a place that magnifies what you are holding inside. Think of this when you visit next, and you’ll start to see through the veil of life, through the veil of yourself, that’s when you enter into the source and all becomes one.

Bless you all, Sacha.

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Just Angels, no Dust please

When I send out the soulreadings that I’ve made, I always put a glittery sprinkle mixture in the letters with angels and stars and sometimes some fairy dust. Of course this is supposed to make people smile when they open their readings. It’s like a little blessing, and it gives a personal touch to my work in our often impersonal world.

I actually like this part of my work. I like writing the envelopes with intent and I like making it into a personal packet stuffed with love. I know people feel this when their reading arrives. They mostly quite enjoy it, because they really feel the love that is put into every process of making a reading.

And then I woke up to an email of a friend this morning. He’d just had his reading and though very happy with it, he needed to be Perfectly Honest with me! (It actually meant he needed to express his upset with me! And I’m so glad he did as it showed me another side of the angels and the fairy dust.)

He’d received his packet of love while at work and had opened his soul reading above his desk. Of course he’d forgotten that I always do this ‘angels and fairy dust thing’ and so as a result all ‘that stuff’ (as he called it) all the Angels and the dust had fallen on top of his work,inside his keyboard and all over his desk!

Now had it been me, I would have been terribly annoyed too. But at this point of his email I could just see it happening to him on a Monday morning, and I really got the giggles from it for quite a while, I thought it was just terribly funny.

So he then had to get the hoover out ( whohooo) and needed a LOT of patience to clean up the ‘whole mess’ from inside his keyboard and all over his desk. It was a real nightmare. And he added: I’m sorry to sound so unhappy about it, I know you love this stuff but I’m sure I am not the only person who’s had this experience. The Angels are lovely but… NO DUST PLEASE.

Now I had a couple of thoughts after reading this email. I still get the giggles when I read it, and so I thanked him for making me smile a lot on Mondaymorning and for telling me this story and for inspiring me to write about it. It’s so much appreciated!

Secondly: I had to laugh at myself because I always end up with angels all over the floor and dust on my desk when putting it in the letters and I always grumble a little when that happens. So I could totally relate to it.

And Finally: though his desk and keyboard probably needed a good cleaning…and as I’ve seen his desk…I know it did! And he probably needed to practice patience ….so in actual fact all of this was just perfect, still…I have decided to just put angels in my soul readings from now on, because in the end nobody needs any extra dust, not even when it’s fairy dust BUT we can all use a few more Angels, all the time!

And so this blog is written to tell you All that:

Honesty is always a good thing. When it’s spoken from the heart, it will always alwayshave ears that hear it and it usually always leads to changes for the better.

I hope this inspires you to be more honest in a good way.

Love and Angel blessings to you all,
Sacha. xx

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Synchronicities: A boat full of joy

My life is full of synchronicities and signs. Every single day is often packed with them and many people that I coach or read start to experience synchronicities if they take on the advice given. And sometimes when you doubt, life helps you a little. It’s life’s answer to your effort to really open up and see. It’s not that the signs weren’t there before, but you probably weren’t in the moment enough to notice them.

It’s very important that you learn how to interpret signs and synchronicities. As I believe life is the mirror of what goes on inside of us, it’s necessary that we know what’s going on inside to know what these synchronicities reflect or mean.

I meet too many people that think that a sign means that ‘it’s true’, whatever ‘it’ may be. Or they think ‘it’s meant to be’, and they move ahead without thinking only to end up in a twirl later on. And to be honest, I have done all of the above and I have learnt my lessons. It’s why I know we have to go a step further and see what life is reflecting back exactly. This however differs from the way we look into the mirror. But, I’ll let you ponder on that one. Try it out and let me know what you think!

So today I was coaching a lovely lady from Amsterdam. After having had a distant soul reading, that she thought was spot on, she wanted to have some coaching sessions. Today was her second session.

She expressed her doubts. They’d been coming out after the first treatment. These doubts concerned me: maybe I was just making it all up, maybe this method wasn’t scientifically proven, maybe..maybe…..she had started to sleep better but …but…..but….in short, her mind was playing up, which is often the case when we try to get into the heart. I love it when people are honest like this. She was expressing herself but she kept it close to her own heart and she realised that this might be temporarily. She had no intention of stopping. She just needed to be heard. When people are honest like this I can work with them, it’s actually when my treatments work best.


So I heard her and reassured her that this was all quite normal and that I don’t ‘make up’ my treatments. Her energy is giving me what she needs while we speak. It’s a bit like the difference between buying a readymade dress at Marks and Spencer’s or having one designed especially for your body, your class , style and colour.

We then moved on with the new session and I asked her what she felt she needed to receive from today’s session. I asked her to feel it in her heart. She wanted to have more joy and fun in her life. She felt she had become too serious. ( well, ain’t we all!) So while we are on the phone and she’s just relaxed and well, I give her the first mantra that I hear in her energy: Which was: ‘I receive the power and joy of life in this moment’. I hadn’t told her the mantra yet or I we hear a lot of Jamaican drumming in the background passing by. It sounded like a whole drum band full of Jamaican fun with dancers and all were passing by. I actually wanted to get up and swing.

As the sound faded I said: ‘well, if that’s not symbolical for receiving the fun and joy of life in this moment, then I don’t know what is! She started laughing and said: ‘Yes, that’s so true and so spot on! It was a boat full of musicians passing by my window!’ we both had a good laugh about it. Now we could have been annoyed by all that noise, we could have been real serious and not respond….but in stead we opened up and really received life’s offer.

The fun had started straight away and to me it was as if life had winked at her saying: ‘no worries, all of this is exactly right. You ordered joy, and we provide! Your fun starts straight away!’

I just love it when things like these happen. It so constantly proves to me that I am on the right track, doing the right things and it reassures me that life always respond and takes care of me as long as I make sure I listen to my deepest truth.

Please, give it a go : dare to listen to your truth and little or big miracles might start to happen to you too!

Enjoy, Sacha. xx
(this blog is written with my clients consent)

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Synchronicities: The blue butterfly

Life is just scaringly spot on sometimes. I’ve just picked up my new car and I love it. I feel like a boy with a new toy. I just have to take it out for a drive everyday, which is rare. I’ve been quite reluctant to drive since the car crash last year.

As it was a beautiful day, I took my dog for a long walk near Butleigh Forrest. You can walk along the edge of all the hills and it’s so silent up there, with beautiful flowers and rolling hills and valleys. It’s a spectacular view and I always sit down to stare at nature’s beauty on the edge of a hill, it’s great preparation for my soul readings. But since the car crash, I haven’t been driving that much and I hadn’t been on this particular walk for a long while. So we get out of the car and walk towards my favourite spot on the way there passing two mountain bikers. They were talking and I greeted them.

Arriving at this beautiful spot on the sloping hillside I sit down, surrounded by red clovers, yellow and white flowers and different types of grasses flowering. Not long after I spotted a few butterflies and amongst them an unusually bright blue butterfly. I’d never seen anything like it and I thought: ‘I wonder if it is a rare one?’ I honestly didn’t know if it was or wasn’t. After quite a while, having enjoyed the butterflies playing around and setting my mind to meditate and reflect to be ready for some soul reading later on, I went back. It must have been at least a half hour later, but the two mountain bikers were still there. While passing, one of them greets me and it turns out it’s my postman. “Oh it’s you! I said surprised. (He was quite unrecognisable in his mountain bike gear.) And he replied with: ‘seen any blue butterflies?’
‘I did!’ I said, amazed. ‘I just saw a really small one.’
‘You are lucky, they are quite rare, especially the small ones’, he explained.

Blue Butterfly

It’s one of those encounters in which you get an answer from the universe instantly, and the way that it comes to you is quite unbelievable. To meet my postman in the middle of nowhere, and for him to still be there after quite a while, for him to open conversation and then to give me an answer to the question of rare butterflies that I had on my mind about half an hour before, without him knowing that I even had thought that! Well, it made me smile.

Life is just so great! If you embrace the beauty of life and you trust it, and you decide to really live it, then it just opens up and gives you amazing encounters every single day! Enjoy yours, to the fullest. Bless you all, Sacha.

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The Heart-Shaped Behind

For those of you who enjoyed the Mud and Poo-blog from a couple of weeks ago:

I was in Avebury with some friends and we each wanted to explore the Stone circle by ourselves. As I find hearts everywhere, all the time, I always keep my eyes open for some good ones. My American friends had noticed my collection of hearts in all sorts and shapes in the house too.

Heart Shaped Behind

When we came together at the end of the day, their eyes were shining because they’d each seen such an amazing heart that they needed to show me! “Me too’ I said wth a glimmer in my eyes. As we all pulled our mobile phones out, we all had caught the exact same picture! A sheep with a heart shaped poo-behind.

What are the odds to that? For each one of us to have encountered the same sheep, among the many sheep there, to all notice it’s behind while out on our own and to all have photographed it! Amazingly funny! ( I do hope to return to heart shaped clouds, stones and trees soon though! )

Keep your eyes open, life is always there to surprise you. There are a lot of new blogs coming up in the next few weeks, so please visit again for some great stories.

Bless, Sacha.

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I’m not going to tell you anything!

When I give workshops the attendees need to prepare for their soul reading. They need to open up to me and to their soul by using a specific exercise before they go to sleep. The readings are discussed at the end of the workshop after having experienced the deep peace and power of the heart and soul.

The soul is a fragile part of us that is usually quite well tucked away as it doesn’t get a lot of room or attention in our busy lives. By using the exercise to open up to the soul, it knows I’ll be visiting and it allows me to have access to it a lot easier. A soulreading is often quite confirmative. It reveals patterns and knowledge we kind of knew but often can’t really place or put our finger on. I always say: A soulreading explains how things work for you, it tells you how your energy works. It maps out how you can get back to joy and happiness inside. When I read someone, I only need their name and address and their consent that it’s okay to read them and tune into them.

In one of the recent workshops in Holland, I had quite a special experience: While tuning in to one of the attendee’s for his reading , the first image I got from his soul was extraordinarily clear and bright. A really good ‘connection’ so to speak. I saw him standing right in front of me. I asked his soul what I needed to know to pass on and he zipped his lips and told me: “I’m not going to tell you anything”. That was unusual as the connection was so crystal clear. Whatever I tried, he wasn’t opening up. Nothing worked, I didn’t get a peep out of him. I thought maybe he wasn’t ready so I left it , thinking I’d try again the next day.

Heart Shaped TreeTrunk
Heart shape in treetrunk

The next day the exact same thing happened. I then decided to ask him why he didn’t want to tell me anything and I explained that I wasn’t there to do anything to him. I told his soul it was safe with me, I was there to give and pass on the message to it’s owner. As by magic he then opened up and I could read him without any further problems.

When it came to the workshop and I discussed his reading with him. I told him about what had happened. That I’d never before had seen such a clear image in front of me to then have it refuse me to tell me anything! A very clear connection but no information. He was astonished, as it turned out I had picked up on his exact intend. It was exactly what he had thought the first night as he’d opened himself up to me. He had thought quite clearly: ‘I’ll open up to her but I am not going to spill the beans, I’m not going to tell her anything’. And I had exactly received the same words at the other end of the North Sea.

Of course he was totally amazed and all his doubts about anything like this being possible vanished. He also had had a tremendously impressive experience in connecting to his own soul in the workshop. He had an experience that he will never ever forget and that’s exactly what I aim for in my workshops. To give people a life changing experience and a shift in their awareness.

To me it confirmed once more how extremely important it is to tell people exactly everything that I see and feel when I read them, without judging it. Though I knew that already, this confirmed it again quite clearly. Had I judged this image and message and had I left it out of his reading thinking it was unimportant, than he wouldn’t have had the experience of me catching his every thought. Now he had all the proof he needed to believe me and to believe that our thoughts can travel quite far.

Often the universe is clever in showing us that all is one. It keeps amazing me how accurate information can be transported over time and distance. It also makes us aware of how important it is to keep the highest good in mind, at all times, to be able to create the highest good for all and that process starts within ourselves.

All my readings and workshops lead us to realize that opening ourselves to our own heart and soul’s truth and wisdom opens up a new realm of awareness that we are all one and that contributes to creating a more loving, peaceful and aware world.

Love and blessing, Sacha.

This weeks “Fresh and Focussed’ Radioshow is all about Soulreading.


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The Art of Waiting
I sometimes wish I’d known what I started when I had the bright idea to experiment with waiting. I wanted to see and feel and experience the use of it in our fast forward lives. I strongly believe that the Art of Waiting is essential in spirituality, like waiting is essential in a dance. So I spent six months actively practising waiting and boy….it wasn’t easy but it was extremely insightful. Waiting is truly an amazing spiritual tool.

I wrote an article about it. That was 2 years ago. It was supposed to be published then and there in 2006, even with the agreement in my pocket… for some reason, it never happened and I let it be, thinking that it was just another test in waiting till the time was right.

A year and a half later I decided to contact the magazine again to inquire if they were ever going to use my article. I thought I’d waited long enough. Having changed hands they had lost my article…no wonder it never got published. So I send it again and they were thrilled with it and would publish it in May this year.

May came and what did I find out? My article was nowhere to be found. I found out that my article was postponed till November, as it suited that issue better…. ‘Thank you for your patience’ the editor of the magazine said with a grin….. another six months down the line….and more waiting …ironic…..sigh.

Chalice Well Tulips
Beautiful Tulips in full bloom at the Chalice Well.

Writing, being creative, is like giving birth. First there is the experiencing and then there’s a lot of active waiting going on before the actual birth takes place. While we wait, we prepair ourselves for what we know what is to come. And after birth, you want nothing more then for others to see the ‘baby’, every parent knows that and every artist does too.

Let’s hope that this baby, this article, will finally find it’s way into the world at the end of this year, because if it doesn’t I might scream, for my patience is wearing thin and I feel I’m kind of done with the waiting, but the Universe feels different about that….. Patience really is a virtue and practising waiting is continues and challenging in this day and age.

Bless you all, Sacha.

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The Secret, Mud and Poo


It was around February last year that I decided to try ‘the Secret’ out. I had my own way of creating my life’s goals but I thought it would be fun to see what would happen ‘the Secret-style’. The concept of life being a catalogue and to just order what we wanted, well I found it an interesting concept that needed to be put to the test. Especially as I was getting clients to my practise who were asking me about it and they seemed to get stuck in the process. The Secret Movie doesn’t really tell you how to get past them. So the way forward for me to get insight in this was to experience it myself. That would enable me to see through the process and explain it in common language.

So I started out with some small cosmic orders, like a free cup of coffee a day. Part of me felt that this was just not quite the way we should work with life’s sacred abundance. I believe that we’ll get what we create if it serves the purpose of our life. It was a cold February day when I did my first Secret experiment and I had just dropped off some guests at Bristol Airport. On my way back I went for a walk in a Gorge nearby. As I was walking along I remembered my free cuppa and I put it out to the universe.

Shortly after my dog ran off chasing some rabbits into the valley and I had no choice but to run after her. She ran right into a muddy swamp, and we both spotted it too late. Here we were at the bottom of the valley, stuck in deep thick mud. As I’d literally ran in I was stuck up to my knees in running position. My wellies were completely filled up with mud too and whenever I tried to move a foot, the other would get stuck deeper. It was kind of scary as there was not a soul around and my dog was in the same tight spot as me. First I got this nervous giggle, thougt it quite funny, then it became scary and I tried screaming for help, then I got angry and then I got scared again. Nothing helped and dog wasn’t doing any better.

I don’t remember how long it took and I can’t remember how I did it but I managed to get out of that tight spot leaving my boots stuck in the mud at first. Then I managed to get the dog out and last my boots. I was covered in mud, the whole car was muddy and I felt so miserable. I hadn’t ordered THIS from the universe! I also wasn’t looking forward to the amount of work to clean myself, the dog and the car up either. As if I had nothing else to do! On my way home I drove past one of my favourite pubs and I decided to go in for that long awaited coffee, I’d pay for it myself. Who’d care I looked like a dark maple pudding. As I walked in covered in mud, the owner stopped me and said: ‘ What on earth happened to you?! ‘
So I told him and he had a good laugh, so did I. It was after all quite funny. I ordered a huge coffee and from out of nowhere he then said : You know what….your coffee is on me!
( ofcourse I hadn’t told him about my cosmic order!)

So it had worked, I had my first free Secret Coffee Order in the pocket but hell if I’d have to go through that amount of mud every time I’d ordered something I’d rather pay for it myself!
I did continue to practise with the Secret, but you know, in the last blog I wrote that I never seem to get away with anything that feels not quite right to my own heart and soul. I guess that’s how it felt with some of the free cups of coffee and meals. It felt like using others, it just didn’t feel right. The Secret? I think it’s a great start, really great stuff but I believe there is a part missing in the film, it’s called creating with integrity and with a higher cause in mind then just you! I believe in sticking to creating what truly feels right. I think those are the things we then also receive and all the orders that don’t quite go with our heart and soul’s purpose will remain ‘on hold’ and that’s exactly how it should be. The Secret can help you in realising how good you are in knowing and understanding what is your life’s purpose is. It’s a great tool, but not a means to an end. Of course each of us have different life purposes and we all can decide what is best for us. Just in case you seem to run into small accidents while out creating, then just ask yourself if what you’re asking for is actually what resonates with your heart!

A Cows-Poo Blessing
The cows-po story is less worrying. I never thought that a piece of Cows poo would be able to make my day and I never thought I’d write about it in my blog either. But life never seizes to amaze me and who am I to keep it from you. Joy can be found in the tiniest things, or…in this case ‘in a piece of shit’.

So here I was, a week or two ago and I’d been going through a bit of a watery phase. If I didn’t dream about rain pouring down, then it would be pouring in the house from a leak in the new bathroom or it would be me pouring over with tears. Sometimes we need to cry to clear our hearts and it obviously was my two weeks of crying. I remember that when I first came to live in Glastonbury, I’d wake up every day crying and it would last for about a half hour and then I’d be fine. It was clearing up then, so I trusted it would be fine now. I felt kind of drained after those two weeks and thought it high time to take a day off.

As I went up the Tor for a long walk and a lie down in the sun, I encountered a heart of Cows poo

and the sight of it made me sheer happy! It even matched my cows-wellies. It just absolutely made my day.

Heart and Shoes

I spot hearts every where, I have a whole collection of heart shaped stones, wooden hearts but never had I found one in cows poo. It just brought out a huge smile on my face. So I walked on and only a few steps further, I found another one, but this one was quite fresh: What a treasure! Really, I have never been this enthousiastic about any poo in my life.
The tourists passing me on their way up found it a bit strange that I was taking pictures of poo, but I didn’t care.


As I lay down in the sun I thought it was a nice sign of life that when you’re going through some ‘shit’ there’s always a heart to find in it. It kind of re-assured me. So I had a great day in the sun, relaxing for hours just staring out over the planes surrounding Glastonbury and on my way down that same day, I found number heart three: all dried up.


T gave me a feeling that all the shit was about to pass, it had literally dried up.

Blessings always come in three’s….even in the form of cows poo!
I wish for all of you to receive the little blessings that life offers you and to see the fun in it!
Because life is for living it in joy.

Bless you, Sacha.


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Married in Egypt?

Egypt is definitely one of the most beautiful places one can visit. I had wanted to go to Egypt for a long long time, but it never felt quite right, until November last.
I just wanted and needed a trip to a hot and sunny destination, for some peace and relaxation so I could lounge around and reload myself, doing absolutely nothing.

My best friend, who was to join me, suggested wearing a wedding ring, as she feared I might be pursued by the men of Egypt. I thought it a good idea since I would be on my own the first two and the last two days of our trip. As a matter of fact, I thought it would be even better to take a picture of a non-existent husband and children with me! ‘Temporarily married’, it sounded like a lot of fun, so I asked a friend in Canada if it would be okay for me to have him and his girls as my instant family. He agreed and so…without ever thinking about it twice, I put the picture in my pocket, the ring on my finger and off I went on my Egyptian adventure……

I really hadn’t given it all much thought other then the hope that the sheer sight of my wedding ring would put the Egyptians off so I could have some peace. How naïve! Now you all need to know I am a terrible liar. It doesn’t work for me at all. It’s usually written all over my face when I try to tell a small lie, let alone try to pretend I‘m married. Me and lying, it’s generally not a very good idea. It’s not in y nature and I can never remember what I’ve said, so I usually get myself into more trouble. Same goes for me and crossing any rules….I always get caught… it’s best to stay far away from anything like that….the problem was that I hadn’t thought of this little ploy as lying at all…..this was for protection.

The ‘fun’ started instantly on the plane. Of course I was seated next to an inquisitive couple, who turned me inside out with questions ……now what was I to do? Should I practise my story, or wait…if I didn’t and they would accidentally stay in the same hotel I would have a problem …….but if I would and they would eventually be interested in my work they’d find out soon I wasn’t married at all….Oh help…..what to do… we hadn’t even left English ground!

Egypt Beach

So I arrived in Egypt, still single….I couldn’t tell them my story ……so I avoided it.
A toe out of the plane and the first man on the trolleybus to the hotel, asked me if I was single, so I proudly presented my wedding ring, hoping he’d leave me alone. In stead he sat down next to me and started asking me all these questions…..he was really interested in my life. It was beginning to dawn on me that this wasn’t at all working as I’d hoped. But I had a small hope that this was the only inquisitive Egyptian on the journey because this wasn’t easy, it was hard work!

The next morning at the beach, I found out that ALL the Egyptians are very inquisitive and persistent. Where are you from? Are you alone, why? Where is your husband? How many children, how long married…..on and on it went! Since I’d never really given it any thought how the story should fit and since I can’t really lie… the logic of me being Dutch, living in England and having a husband in Canada: well, it all didn’t make much sense to the Egyptians! Not in the least because my ‘daughters’ were 16 and 13….so I had to have been married for about 18 years at least…….it just didn’t add up.

Did you think I survived the first day, then you’re wrong. The next day they came back with more questions… in stead of peace and quiet I had them intrigued and a whole range of questions were fired at me like why he was in Canada and why I was in England and what about the children and their birthdays, education and boyfriends, my job and I just had nooo idea what to answer so I made it up spontaneously as we went along.

What had seemed such a good plan became pretty hard work since before I knew it I had spun a web of amazing complicated storylines that I would never ever be able to remember. Not even with writing it down in my notebook and trying to memorize it. I can hardly remember my own past, let alone the ones of my made up husband and children! The only way to get some peace was to go snorkelling and stay under water for as long as possible! I did that for many hours, which was absolutely no punishment.


Sacha and Friend at the Beach

I so regretted having done this, now I had to keep it up for all of the rest of my time there and it would mean I’d never be able to go back without having to tell another white lie, because next time I would have to be divorced!

Strangely enough I found it incredibly great to ‘be married’ and be absolutely oblivious to any other man. I hadn’t expected to feel different by being in an imaginary marriage at all, but I did. It gave me strength and a sense of belonging, to have a husband and children. I quite liked it and was amazed by how different and good it made me feel. Every time I had to say I was married and that I wasn’t interested in anybody else , I would proudly tell them that I still was deeply in love with my husband and that I was completely faithful to him. Of course that led to many more questions, they all wanted to know how that could be possible after being married for nearly 20 years!

As the week went along, the story spread and I became friends with some of the men, the questions deepened and if I wasn’t careful I would go home believing to be married myself! But there was also a good side to this all:

The good thing was that my husband and children, my fake marriage opened the men up to other conversations and questions, they wanted to know about the western culture and our freedoms and we talked about their culture and how hard it is to do what you really feel in their country. It’s such a different world and culture. Again, being married had opened doors to conversations about the inside world of the Arabic marriage culture and about having more wives then one and so on.

It really was an amazing privilege to talk to some of them and to help them see how they could try and make a difference in their own marriage by talking to their wives like they’d talk to me. In the end my marriage scheme to protect myself had brought me some great male friends and into a realm of truly sharing and of truly making a difference! I ended up with free gifts for my husband and my children, gifts I couldn’t refuse of course. (and I did send them to my friend and his two daughters in Canada, with my sincere thanks for being my husband for that short but sweet amount of time and for my ‘husband’s’ willingness to come up with some passionate husband email to save me and my story.)

I feel amazingly grateful to have experienced this and to have had a peek into the world of marriage for myself and of marriages in Egypt. It was an honor to give my wisdom to those who wanted to follow their heart but found it hard to stand up for their truth within their own culture. To break away from arranged marriages and the deeply rooted ruling patterns of how you should behave as a husband and a wife in Egypt is not easy at all. My heart warmed to the kindness of Egypt’s people, to their interest and honor, the beautiful camels and the coral reefs I explored for so many hours. ( I never ever saw that many different kinds of fishies before!) I definitely didn’t think I would get this much out of being married for a week, it’s changed my view on marriage forever! Maybe I’ll try it someday but then for real….

Blessed be, Sacha.

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Radio show Magic ~ Silence and Forgiveness

Life instantly responds sometimes to the topics I discuss in the radio shows. Sometimes it’s quite funny, the things that happen. As I always work intensely with the meditations and mantras that come into being for the shows, I have many stories to share. I’ll sick to two concerning recent shows.

I record my radio shows a few days before the actual broadcast date because I don’t have time to go live on the days that the show goes out. I am often too busy with Soul coaching work. I thoroughly enjoy making the radio shows, even though they take up a great deal of time. Preparing, recording and editing takes a good 7 hours for only one hour of satisfying radio….Call me a perfectionist, but I like to do things properly when they have my name on it.

Most shows are theme-based and related to my Soul coaching work. This way I get to really dig into a theme on all levels: musically, by finding the right songs to go with the theme. Energetically, by meditating on the theme and using the mantra’s beforehand. Personally, by connecting what I initiate on an energetic level to connecting this to the results it gives in my life and finally : when I work on a theme always spontaneously pops up in the soul coaching sessions of that week as it pops up in my own life too.

My shows, therefore are much more then just a bit of talk to fill up the gaps in between the songs, they hold a lot of practised first hand experienced material and depth concerning the topic of that week. This way I live, eat, breathe and experience what I discuss and I hope to pass that on to all of you who listen.

The Tor
Silence is the doorway to Wisdom


So as I was recording a show about Wisdom, I explained how Silence is the gateway to our inner wisdom and how we could practise wisdom by becoming more silent. The meditation therefore was all about Silence. While in it, explaining that when we want to become Silent all that prevents us from being silent has to come out first, all of life was conspiring to prove this point instantly and throughout the whole meditation. First someone next door started to hammer. Not that big a deal, easy to edit out…I just waited and continued. Not long after that, while even deeper into silence, out of the blue someone starts to drill a hole on the outside wall of our studio! I got so startled that I completely forgot to carry on and started laughing! (As we are recording in a temporary studio the noise was extraordinary!)

I got up and walked out, explained and of course they could wait half an hour for me to finish my show. I found it very interesting how I got disturbed over and over again, while meditating on silence and just having explained how all the noise will come out when we want to become more silent!

So if you like to become more silent: then remember all that isn’t silent will come into your awareness before it can be released. If you want to be clean, you have to get to the dirt first. If you want anything, you often come across the opposite ‘negative’ first. This is a normal and a natural process. Once we know how it works, it is then easy to understand that our work is actually having an effect and it strengthens us to carry on.

Last week I recorded a show about ‘Forgiveness’. For a few days I had been working with the mantra of this show, being: ‘I accept everything in my life’ on a daily basis. It felt so good that I decided to do the mediation again to see if there was anything left in my heart that I needed to forgive myself or somebody else for. When we forgive, we free our hearts. Now I have done this meditation hundreds of times before and it’s always amazing to see how many tiny little things we keep in our heart and how big an impact they can have on our lives.

Often hidden shames and forgotten actions appear when we do this exercise, things we had thought we’d long buried and dealt with. So while doing this meditation a long forgotten thing came up that I still feel really bad about.

A woman in India really went out of her way to help me and get me to the nearest hospital to save my life. It took her about 6 hours in a cab to get through the desert while I was heavily bleeding in the back. It was quite a horrible scenario and nobody had wanted to help me. I would have died there and then, if it weren’t for her. Her name was ‘Lourdes’. As I work with the Mother Mary energy, it felt quite special to be saved by someone called by that name, not really a common name. Without her I wouldn’t be here anymore, so I am eternally in her debt really.

When I came out of Hospital and met up with her, I asked her what I could give her in return to thank her. ‘Anything’…I said. She came out with quite an unexpected answer.
She wanted a pair of trousers that I had my favourite pair actually. Having been through what I’d just been through, my life hanging by a thread and being denied help, being ignored by so many while in such a life threatening situation.. …well I can’t quite explain it but I wanted to give her all that I had but not my favourite trousers! I just couldn’t. Looking back at it, it sounds soooo stupid. They were just trousers. However silly, she understood it and I gave her a really beautiful and expensive gown in stead.

Sacha Trousers
‘I still have the trousers. Still love them, but Lourdes if you ever read this : They are yours!’

Anyway, I guess this situation was still being held in my heart. I hadn’t forgiven myself at all for being unable to give my favourite trousers to the woman who had just saved my life. I still felt so ashamed about it, I was still judging myself for it and was keeping part of my heart occupied with this shame and guilt. I clearly had to forgive myself for this, big time, which I did. I never expected this moment to come up in this meditation, I had clearly completely forgotten about it, but my heart hadn’t.

Sometimes it’s the littlest moments or decisions that keep bothering us, sometimes it’s our own judgement that punishes us without consciously knowing about it. This is why these exercises are so valuable, they really free up space on the hard-disc of our hearts. I hope you try some of these exercises in my radio show….and see what you come up with to free yourself. It’s my experience that the most unexpected things lead to the biggest salvation!

Blessed be, Sacha.

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The Almost Magical Move

The house that I rented had been for sale since March. I wasn’t surprised when it happened, I had felt the dreaded moment coming up months ahead, still it was a little shock when it did. I loved my house and didn’t want to leave. With the carcrash on top of it, for a while I honestly didn’t know what would happen next. I found it hard to stay put in such an unstable situation, especially with everybody around me constantly asking what I was going to do and where I was going to go.

Yet, I decided to trust life. I had to recover first. I would trust to feel it when I was ready to move and then I would willingly leave but before that time, the house just couldn’t get sold. For months on end I visualised that I would be able to stay as long as I needed to …and no matter how many people came and went to view the house, it didn’t get sold until the time came that I was ready.

Nothing much happened until November came and I started to feel that I was ready to move forward. The concussion had finally warn off and right before I went on holiday I asked life to direct me to my new home. I wanted to receive it, but I still had no idea where it would be. It could have been in Singapore or America for all I knew. I was open to be led in the right direction. I tend to go where my heart takes me, that’s how I ended up in Glastonbury and it could have taken me to any other part of the world. I basically just surrendered the issue to life, set out a few options that felt right and then went on holiday to Egypt.

On my return, I bumped into the real estate agent and guess what? She’s found me the perfect place, she thought and only seven doors down! I couldn’t believe it. The idea of staying in my own street, in my town with all the people I love and know closeby …well, I couldn’t have thought it up any better! As I went to have a look at the house it was just perfect, gorgeous, bigger and better then the one I was living in and nearly every box on my wish-list was ticked….(well, except maybe for that Privet Drive, which looked like a riot…… but hey, what isn’t may just as well come into being soon.)


Living room
The new livingroom.

I just couldn’t believe my luck, I got almost exactly what I had asked for and then…..
then I got scared!. Do you know that feeling when you are right in front of the goal and you are free to score, someone passes the ball to you and suddenly you freeze. That’s what happened for a few days. Thank goodness for one of my friends who talked some sense into me, and made me snap out of it. It was three weeks to Christmas and I’d decided to move on the 21st, , on the winter solstice……I needed to get on with things.

Most people were leaving town to visit parents and friends over the holidays and I realized that it would be hard to get any help right before Christmas. So I used a technique that I work with every day: I started blessing my move. Every single night before going to bed I would bless : I blessed my own trust, I blessed life to bring people to help, strong arms to lift, good meals, boxes to pack, landlords to finish rebuilding in time etc….I blessed everything and anything I could think of.

Honest to God, I swear it was the easiest and most relaxing move I have ever done. Out of the blue my landlord agreed to move boxes in, in the 5 days prior to the actual move. it gave me the opportunity to move a room a day, quite relaxed instead of having to move all in one go. That was such a blessing. As I was ‘only’ moving 7 doors down in the same street we could walk from one house to the other. Every morning I would start with doing some of my usual work, then I’d pack up a room and pray that someone would turn up to help me carry all the boxes and small furniture to the new house.

It was amazing how every day, right at the moment when I thought I was going to run out of luck, boxes, tape or hands to help, right at the very last moment in which I’d fear that life had forsaken me …..someone unexpected would phone up, or drop in…and come and bring me exactly what I needed. Help really came out of the most unexpected corners and I felt so grateful and humbled by the perfection of life. When we truly let go of control, when we truly surrender and believe life will take care of us…then the universe really handles the details. It’s amazing how things then come together for us.

Dining Area
The new dining area inbetween the kitchen and conservatory.

By the time it was Friday the 21st, ‘only’ the big furniture and my office were left to be packed and moved. By then I kind of let it slide a bit, I thought I could already relax since everything was going so smoothly. But life is often playful in it’s ways and likes to throw in a test or two. ( I’m sure you all have been there!) I‘d forgotten to bless the whole ‘getting-the-key-and-signing-the-contract-thing’ and so as I walked into the office, they said my money hadn’t arrived and I wasn’t getting any key. I was gutted, stunned….the money HAD been sent, but it obviously hadn’t arrived ….As all was arranged for the big move later that day, what on earth was I going to do?

I was in tatters, I was so tired after 9 days of packing and moving and I felt completely confused. I stepped out of the real estate office…. in a daze. I wandered around a bit and thought it best to go and have a strong cup of coffee, do my blessings and wait for some idea to pop into my head to solve this mess. I was not going to give up now!

I relaxed into my triple-shot latte and blessed all of it. After a while I felt my inner strength growing! I would get the key and all would come together just fine, like it always does. While I was sitting there I realized that we often think we have done something wrong when things work out different. Sometimes the obstacles in our way though are a well-needed blessings to others. I am a firm believer of the fact that delays sometimes have nothing to do with us but with others not being ready and putting up a block in our way. Trusting the obstacles is what most of us find hardest, but there is always a bigger plan being carried out, a plan that exceeds just you and me, a plan that works for all involved. So I trusted that all would be for the best.

After an hour I went back to the bank, asked them if they could do anything to help me. With Christmas coming up, staying in an empty house was not a much of a fun option, even they could see that. As an exception they decided to lend me the amount of money I needed until after Christmas…free of any charge. By then my own money would have come through and I’d be able to return them their money. They took a huge risk by doing so and they went well beyond their duty! ( Blessings and Thanks to the HSBC!)

Oh, how happy they made me. Half an hour later I was outside with the key and ready to move. By 9pm that eve, I had moved into the new house with the help of two fantastic men! My neighbours made me a fabulous Christmas meal and by Christmasday I was almost unpacked and cosy in front of my new fireplace. It was an almost perfect and magical move and I learnt to always, always, always just trust.

Love, Sacha.

Ps. I later found out that the wiring in the new house had to be upgraded to new health and safety regulations and that my landlord needed till midday to solve all problems and to be able to finish the last bits of touching up. I guess someone really needed those few hours of delay!


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Spider’s Wisdom


As I am walking up Weary-all Hill, close to my home, to see the sun set for the new year, I am wondering what this year will bring to me. I know this year signifies finishing many projects that I started in the past 4 years and actually putting them out in the world, one by one. It’s an exciting time, feeling that I am actually ready for this after so many years of having to learn how to wait and hold back because time wasn’t right and I wasn’t ready. Now, this year, I can finally move forward and focus on my writing, on finishing my book about the Mother Mary energy and her healing symbols that I received. My life’s work and dedication slowly unfolding into the beautiful flower it was intended to be.

As I sit down on top of the hill overlooking the planes around Glastonbury, I think about the past year and what it has brought me? What have I learned, which fears conquered, what have I achieved….. it’s good practise to look back, to really receive my past and everyone in it and use it as good compost for my future. 2007 changed me a lot :
I conquered quite some fears, spoke my truth no matter what, survived a car crash, started a new artistic venture, gained 7 kilo’s then lost 8, recorded and edited many of my own radio shows, seriously considered a marriage proposal but when he couldn’t care for me after the crash I decided it was better to be on my own. I learned how to salsa, found new and inspiring friends and moved house. Eventhough it was hard work, it actually is quite a year to be grateful for and to look back on feeling pleased.

Wearyall Hill
The sun is slowly sinking and the light catches water drops on a beautiful spider’s web in the grass besides me. It’s a big web, with a tiny little spider in the corner tucked away.
I study his well spun web, it’s so perfect. ‘Did you have your first New Year’s meal,?’,
I think, but Spider doesn’t move, nor answers of course. He just waits, his work is done, his web is spun and all he has to do is to wait until his web catches a prey. The wind picks up and blows something into his web. It dances joyfully in it, like magic. The doorbell has rung and spider comes into action, rapidly approaching what might be his meal, his new years feast.

‘You are going to be very disappointed’. It’s just a leaf’, I think, but I’m curious to see how he responds. As the little fella reaches his little treasure, he lifts it up and inspects it thoroughly for a few seconds and then, like a true Master, takes it out of the Web and drops it to the ground. No food, so why hang on to it! He repairs his web masterfully to then just as rapid return to his corner. As I watch the simple nature of this tiny spider and his web, it dawns on me that I just saw a very valuable truth played out in front of me.

We weave our life’s web every day and we catch things in it all the time, sometimes accidentally and sometimes not, just like the spider received and accidental leaf into his web by the wind, like he sometimes will receive food. Of course what he catches depends on the spot that his web is in ….and how much he catches depends on how well he has spun it. So often we make too much of what we catch accidentally, so often we interpret with our own judgement what is just an accidental leaf blown into our web by the wind. We hang on to it and make it much bigger then it needs to be. I think it would be good for me and all of us to be a little more like the spider. To see what we catch in our web and identify it correctly. If it does not serve us, to just drop it without any fuss, to just let it go and move on effortlessly.

Like the spider just has to spin his web and keep it in shape, all we have to do is what we feel we need to, and then we can just wait and see what life gives us next and if it still doesn’t serve us, we can drop it, move on and wait once more. It’s so simple really, nature rarely hangs on to the past. Nature rarely makes a fuss. If we’d follow our own nature a bit more, we’d be more in the moment like the spider and we wouldn’t have to dig into every little thing that comes our way, we could just do it the easy way, receive with grace and beauty and let go with grace and beauty, knowing that there will be new things blown into our web.

That little spider and his web, gave me great insight. I’d never thought that a spider would have given me such a blessing on New Years day and with the sun gone, the sky glowing red…I feel satisfied to return home, to wait and see what life blows into my web in 2008. I wish you all a fantastic 2008, enjoy the New Year!

Blessings to all your beautiful souls and thank you all for giving me the best job there is!

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Photograph: Wearyall Hill as seen from the Tor
Copyright: Nico Morelissen