The January/February issue of Kindred Spirit has just landed in the shops. In it my column “Forgive and Forget”, which explains that there are many layers to forgiveness and how we often only get to the first few, thinking we are done.

Without reaching those deeper layers of forgiveness, our hearts stay imprisoned by traumas of the past that often turn into disrupting recurring patterns. ‘I’ve been working on this so many years and still this pattern is there….!’ I hear this comment often in my practice and I know how disheartening it can be.

The truth is that you should be thankful for this annoying pattern because it tells you that you need to go deeper into forgiveness, it tells you that the works is not done yet and your heart can only be freed if all necessary parts are released. It doesn’t mean you haven’t been working on it succesfully, it means that because of your work another layer is revealed so it can heal.

This same principle can be applied to our truth. We can travel ever deeper into our own truth. When we do, we find interesting new things about ourselves. We learn who we really are and how our energy really works with us. This makes us live our lives with more respect and honour and we may also come across some old pain and wounds that need our care and attention to properly heal.

How often do you actually sit down and take a good look at yourself and how truthful are you..really? Do you avoid or put off the more difficult stuff? Most of us try to avoid our pain or devastation, our heartbreak or anything else that has touched us deeply in the hope that it goes away…. but it doesn’t and if we leave things lingering it makes us sick not only emotionally but it can end up in a physical or mental disorder too. All the more reason to regularly have a good chat with yourself.

Often we need to see our own hurt and pain, our own misunderstandings, we need to confess mistakes or actions that have shamed us and we may need to cry them out before the underlying, deeper truth inside can arise. The more honest you become with yourself, the more loving your hearts response and the louder your soul can speak to you. The more you heal and come home to your natural state of being, your real authentic self, the happier you become.

It takes great courage to face your own demons, monsters, your own greatest fears, anger, tears or mistakes because they are the ones that live in our hearts 24 hours a day and they take our energy. We carry them with us day in and day out. We might not consciously feel them, but they are there and they can eat us alive if we are not careful.

If you are not sure what your truth is, I can tell you one thing about it….  Your truth is the ‘bit’ that sticks….the bit that keeps coming back. Your thoughts may pull you in a hundred different directions, but your real truth is found in your heart and what is in your heart reveals itself time and again….like a boomerang…you can throw it away but  it will surface and return until it is heard, acknowledged, understood and sometimes dealt with. It doesn’t always mean we have to do something about it, just hearing it, accepting it…understanding it..and letting it rest, often is enough.

Once you have owned up and become more truthful with yourself, you feel more relaxed and you  feel the space and freedom inside….peace arises within….and any storm outside of you may rage but it won’t take you out of your silent core. Because you know who you are, you are in your centre, and in your centre it is quiet and still, ….you are in the stillness of knowing who you are and the trust and security that comes out of that knowing sets you free to just live life as it is, joyfully and gracefully.


Spend some quality time with yourself in 2010, learn about what is really going on inside and go deeper into what you think you know….you make the world a better, more peaceful place by doing so!


Love, Sacha.