The soul is so much more practical than we give her credit for, and never boring, always creative in explaining to you what you need to know…

The other day I was coaching one of my clients and during those sessions the soul of that particular client showed me some imagery that helped explain what she needed to understand about herself. No matter what topic I work on, the soul is always so accurate and often very funny too. It makes my work a great joy.

This time my client was telling me about the exercises I had given her. She said they were ‘too intense’. So I asked her to talk me through how she was using them, step by step. I soon found out that she was skipping the set up and the out-tro to the exercise, she just started right at the point that she thought was most effective and useful.

Because she didn’t understand energy, she had no idea what the effect was of her actions, but her way of working with the exercises felt like a classic example of what most people would possibly do in our fast society. As I was thinking about how to explain to her the importance of a good beginning and a proper end to any energetic exercise, her soul threw the following practical and clear imagery at me.

To my surprise I saw a washing machine and then a woollen top, the next image was a program of 90 degrees and then a wool wash program. I asked my client what would happen if she’d had a woollen top and washed it at 90 degrees in the washing machine. She answered: ‘but of course it will come out completely torn to pieces, you have to wash that at a wool wash program!’ I then explained to her that she was the woollen top, and that she was using the energetic exercise at the level of a 90 degrees washing program. Of course that would be way too intense for her and it could possibly make her ill too. She needed to slow down the way she was working with it and all would change.

This imagery was a real eye opener for her and so crystal clear that she instantly understood that she needed to change the way she was using the exercise. She also understood she had to be more careful with energy work as she was very sensitive just like the woollen shirt.  I honestly could not have come up with this imagery myself, and I have never before seen a washing machine in a soul reading or coaching before either, but it is my experience that your own soul knows you so well that it always comes up with the most amazing and simple imagery that explain your situation to you quick and easy. It’s a fascinating teacher to me, one that never bores me and nearly always makes me smile because it’s so inventive, educational and accurate on so many levels.

I thought it would be a great story to share with you as most of us don’t realize how sensitive we all really are and how good it would be for us to use that wool wash program a bit more often on ourselves and on those around us. You’ll see it really helps to be more gentle, it’ll make you and others go through life less wrinkled, torn or ripped!


Love, Sacha.