After many months of recording you are now able to hear the first results of this labour. The first downloadable audio album is now availabe in the shop! ‘Good Night and Good Morning’ was recorded live and completely from the source, without  a pre-written script.


These first two soul readings will help you fall asleep and wake up feeling clear,  relaxed and happy to start your day. You can either sit back and listen to the recording or you can actively participate by following the instructions. They will then  serve as a meditation. You can find all information in the shop and the first 20 downloads will be sold for only 5 Euro’s! That’s even less in pounds and it’ll last you forever. The idea for these universal recordings came from the radio shows in which I used to this create a new soul reading/meditation based on a that weeks special theme.


In the next few months more of these live universal soul readings based around certain theme’s will become availabe to you. They are recorded in one take. This keeps it pure and the deeply loving energy that you would experience in a soul reading is captivated in these recordings too. Of course with only one exception:  a personal reading touches you even more, as it’s completely tailored to you.

I can assure you though that they are top quality. I’ve tested them myself and I love falling alseep and waking up to them. It realy makes a difference. To have the wonderful music from Bliss as a background to my voice just makes it complete. I hope you enjoy these carefully tailored products that I have made for you to enhance your life!


Blessings, Sacha.