Peace is…. Acceptance and acceptance is like a dance. Practicing it, is practising your dance steps. If you really want to learn the dance, it will be easy. 

When we have a problem inside or outside, the first step towards making peace is to accept.  We do not have peace because we react and resist. If we would accept that this is how we feel without the drama, that this is what’s happening then peace would instantly enter and with it, new and creative solutions arrive.

Acceptance is a really great tool for us, it stengthens us inside. It doesn’t mean that you agree with what’s going on, or that you don’t have to do anything about it. Acceptance allows us to just see things as they are and when we do, we can take the next step. We can then take responsibility and invite the solution in. It’s the quickest way to move forward.

When we accept how it is, we can relax and let it be. It doesn’t become personal, it doesn’t knock us off our feet and we still stand firm in who we are. From that point we can actually start looking at what the real problem is because our emotions and ego have calmed down, we are out of the state of anxiety and protection, of feeling threathened and we can step into a place of reality without judgement.


Try to accept everything that happens and everything you feel. If you could just accept…your life would change instantly. But sometimes that’s really hard, it can feel like being weak and it can feel like being a coward, it might even feel as defeat. If that’s the case then ask yourself the following question: Do I want to fight this or resist it.  Do I need to? Do I want to quarrel with this or do I bow to life and trust her . Do I accept the inviting hand into the dance that life is giving me?


When we accept we step into the moment, this is like stepping into magic. The most amazing creativity and inspiring answers can come to us in the moment. When you accept, life takes you into the dance she’s creating  and if you truly surrender to her lead she’ll guide you to a place of peace, inspiration and joy without effort. All you have to do is follow. Without acceptance, we cannot experience the dance with life as our guide and you’ll be forever standing at the side watching everybody else dance.


When we don’t take part….we might start to judge… out of being unhappy and unfulfilled. But we have put ourselves in that position. We don’t have to feel like that…..all we have to do is to join in.That doesn’t mean you do not have any input, of course you have. But before you can shine and be creative in that dance you have to learn the steps, without knowing  the steps by heart, you can’t dance to the rhythm. Practising how to accept and follow comes first. When you know how to dance with life and be in the moment through acceptance, you’ll be able to trust and surrender …to feel the rhythm of the dance in such a way that it will make you shine your brightest light and bring out your highest level of creativity.

New turnings will come to light  and  dancing through your life becomes a peaceful and magical adventure in which we never feel alone and in which there is a place for everyone. Just try it, try to commit to accepting whatever comes your way for 48 hours. No matter what, just accept and trust that it is exactly right. If you feel afraid, accept…if you are in traffic…..accept. If you make a mistake…accept …if you are tired and have to go to work…just accept…it’s easy really and it saves a lot of energy.  With acceptance we rule out worry and negativity and our joy and energy levels will rise!  There really is no reason not to try it.

As soon as you know how to dance in acceptance, you can ask what the next step is and expect little miracles to unfold. How much more connected you will feel to yourself and to others. Try it for a couple of days and let me know the result.



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Love, Sacha.