The new tinctures have been made… and my oh my… they are so good! They are little bottles filled with pure liquid gold…


I love it when the time comes to put all the tinctures in their bottles. It is a sacred and precise little task, but one that makes me so happy. These tinctures are so special because of the way they are made and processed, this keeps them as pure and honest as can be.  It’s a blessings to work with nature this way… and then to siff the tincture from the leaves and have the final product, well… it’s fantastic! The earthy specific scent that defines each herb makes me want to do this again and again. It’s a natural high and the way each leave or flower colours each tinctures differently and so very slowly, I find it so interesting to watch.

You can really feel the energy of the tincture, while bottling them and it’s intoxicating in the best possible way. I use every tincture myself, I test them and it’s always a great pleasure to do so because the ones that I feel drawn to harvest every year, are the ones that I love most. They are like ‘oil’ to a car, they make us ‘run smoother’ and we connect more easily in our threefold union when we use them. We all can use a little bit of that, annually.


This years Oak tincture, well, it really caught me by surprise: it smells like sweet earthy honey, thick but liquid and luscious. It’s gentle powerful strenght is so rich and grounding. You can’t even smell the alcohol that it was infused in. When I am finished bottling this tincture I feel incredibly strong inside, it feels I can take on the whole world! A great tincture for wintertime or when you need to have a lot of energy and be at your best.

and then there is the new Holythorn… this is my personal favorite! This one is like pure liquid gold that opens the heart to the inner core and makes us soft and gentle with ourselves and our environment. This way the soul can shine through in all it’s beauty. It becomes easier to live from the heart, with this tincture at hand. I felt just so incredibly good afer filling those bottles up, in love with every single thing on this planet. Everybody could have fitted in my heart in that moment. Now who wouldn’t want a bit of that on a daily basis?


With the new laws in place in Europe, it might be the last year that I personally select, harvest and process these herbal tinctures sprung from the sacred Glastonbury soil. You might want to stock up for the future, just in case… I know I am!

Handpicked tinctures like these, matured and rested in a unique and special way, well.. these can’t be bought anywhere else. Order your favorite tinctures click here.


Love, Sacha.

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