In January and February of this year I spent some time walking with the mantras that I had put together for this album so carefully. After the first recording session I felt I had to experience it, rather then just hear it. I kept a journal of what happened and I’d like to share some of it here.

On my first walk I followed the instructions exactly and I noticed instantly that I slowed down, the walk made me aware of all my senses, my feelings and surroundings. I felt more grounded after the first mantra track had ended and a pace emerged that relaxed me. While going through the mantra’s as I walked, I noticed anger came up first…and I took the time to feel it and honour it…and after a little while, it went.


Then irritation arose …and it went and finally impatience came up and this also went during the walk. I took the time to feel these ‘negatives’, realising that they were resonating out of me as a result of using the mantras. I really experienced what I had set out to achieve: a combination of mantras to cleare our energetic system quite thoroughly!

Halfway through the CD I wanted to sit down and connect in my heart to feel the effect of all this work. As soon as I sat down, I closed my eyes and focused on my heart. It felt like te sun started shining inside of me, the radiance of my heart and soul had opened to another level. A level I could physically feel. As I sat there enjoying this inner glow, everything around me and within me intensified. People seemed to really notice it too. They’d stare at me or smile and greet and all that deepened the experience even more.


The next day on my way to the studio the exquisite beauty of the morning touched me more deeply then ever before and I arrived at the studio crying. I cried because life was so incredibly beautiful and I felt deeply grateful and priviledged for being touched, as so many of us hardly notice this at all. Honouring myself had quite profoundly and unexpectedly resulted in seeing a deeper beauty in life around me and it was touching not only me but people just passing me by as well.


In the days that followed I practised ‘honouring yourself’ regularly and I realized more and more that we deserve it. We deserve to walk in honour of ourselves every day. The more I deepened in respecting myself and life around me, more and more people started to see the light that I was nurturing inside.


They’d just come up to ask me what I was practising, or tell me they could see such a beautiful light in my face or energy. Or they’d ask me what the secret was of being so happy. It happened in the supermarket, the city, in cafe’s or just on the street. It was a truly great effect from having worked with the CD. As if the words spoken to me by strangers confirmed the work I had been doing inside.


The second time I worked with the CD for a few days, about a month later, I noticed many new things in streets that I knew by heart. Things I’d never seen before. It deepened my awareness even more. The things I noticed often reflected ‘beauty’ and I received insight about it straight away: When we practise walking in honour of ourselves regularly our inner beauty comes out into the open and connects with the inner beauty of everything and everybody around us. When we do so, it makes us respect ourselves, others and life all the more… because we can feel it.

I knew then that this CD truly attunes whoever works with it, or listens to it, to a life more beautiful then ever before. A life in honour. The great thing is that there is no end in going deeper into the experience. I hope you’ll let me know what you experience, when you have walked in honour of yourself!


Love and respect,