This week my Hypnosis work is featured in an article for The Sun Newspaper. They were looking to write an article on blushing, and I provided them with the studycase for it. But Hypnotherapy can cure so many other conditions, and often only in a few sessions…

This January a lady came to see me with a fear for driving. She wouldn’t drive any further in her car then a few minutes, and even for that little bit she would get very stressed the day before, wouldn’t sleep at night and would have played out all that could go wrong in her mind. She could only drive with her gymshoes on and had many more little things she had to do to make her feel safe… but she never really felt safe. She hadn’t driven any further in about 20 years.  She’s develped insecurity on other levels too, about herself and about dying and she had trouble speaking her truth at work. She was also a little OCD on cleaning. I suspected that cleaning was her way of dealing with all this.

I developed a script for her that suited her needs and in 2 sessions, she drove from her home in her new car to my practice, all by herself and she did it just because she felt ready for it. Now this was a whole half hour drive! I’ll never forget finding her at my door 20 minutes early and with the biggest smile you can imagin on her face! ( and I am having goose pimpels as I am writing this! LOVE my job!!)

After 3 sessions she’d driven to her friend who lives an hour away, she’d been on the highway and she’d parked in a really small driveway, all stressfree. No stress the night before, no worries about the traffic or the car, no death scenario’s or anything, she’d been feeling completely confident. She’d also noticed changes at her work, she’d been able to speak her truth more and she’d lost some weight. She was just feeling much more confident about herself.

At the 4th and final session, she was feeling so good that she planned a trip far away and she’d drive the whole family. She had driven in other shoes then her gymshoes, and she hadn’t even thought about it until after it happened. On top of her being cured from her driving fear, she also didn’t worry about dying anymore, she felt much less OCD in her cleaning, had less arguments at home and felt much better about herself in general. Her life opened up so much for her and for her family.

Hypnotherapy works when the right script is being used. Finding the right script for a client depends on having the full picture of their condition in view. It’s also important that you find the right Hypnotherapist for you, my advice is: if you don’t click with the therapist, if it’s not comfortable, it won’t work as well. So just tell your therapist and find another one! Hypnotherapy should feel like having a ‘massage’ for the mind.

My other specialities are: confidence building in any area of your life, artistic – (music, writing, acting, painting and performing) and sports performance, fears and phobia’s, pregnancy Hypnotherapy, blushing etc… read more.

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