I’ve just put down the phone with Lindsay Frankel from RED magazine for my expert view on ‘Meditation for Cynics’ …

At first I wasn’t sure it would be a good idea to do this interview. It is hard to convert a cynic and it takes time and dedication to really learn how to meditate and to find the peace of mind. Most people want a quick fix and a quick fix doesn’t last. But Lindsey started our talk with : ‘I’ve come to understand that there is no quick route to get to the peace of mind that meditation brings’ and in that first sentence she hit the nail right on the head! She actually wanted to get to the core of how this works.


Though there is no easy way to finding a long lasting peace of mind, there IS a quick route to experiencing short moments of peace. Once you understand how it works and you’ve experienced a moment of peace and stillness inside, you’ll realize how healing and revitalising it actually is. You will naturally feel inspired to get going with it until you get to the point that the moments of peace become five minutes or maybe even ten. Once it catches you, it’s ‘addictive’ in the best possible way you can imagine.


Lindsey and I talked for about 45 minutes and once the first exercise had grabbed Lindsey and given her a taste of calm and insight into the chaos that surrounds her at work, I  explained how energy works: to become still inside, anything that is in the way will start to surface first. Lindsey experienced this as itchy skin while listening to my downloadable CD. Because she didn’t know what this meant, she gave up. This happens to many people, they become restless first and then quit which is a real shame.

I explained that in actual fact, this response of her body meant that the relaxation was doing it’s work. It had started to help her clean up inside. It’s so simple, yet for most people an amazing ‘aha’ moment. How long this clean up will take depends on the amount of backlog and the amount of time you dedicate to train your ‘meditation-muscle’. Having a personal coach to help you understand and explain the effects of your inner work in those first weeks often helps to keep going. A personal teacher also supports you and help to explain any imagery or inisghts that you receive from your inner source. And on top of that a personal trainer can tailor a program for you.

Lindsay’s feature on ‘Meditation for Cynics’ is in the August issue of RED that is available in shops now… and are of course all welcome to receive your own deeply relaxing experience with me personally. You can request a free 10 min taster meditation session by phone this July by emailing me. Just click on the contact page and inquire about it by sending me a message! ( read more about meditation here or listen to one of the samples in the player to find out what it can do for you.)


Love & peace of mind,