Spirituality is seeing yourself and the world with new eyes, eyes that see through the veil. A veil we created ourselves. In actual fact, there is no veil and there never was…


We have covered up the very essence of who we really are and what life is about. That is neither good nor bad, it is just as it is. This veil makes us feel lost. We can’t connect with the meaning of life anymore.

Life’s guidance is still there and your own inner truth is still inside of you. Just because you can’t see it or feel it, doesn’t mean it actually left. You have disconnected yourself from it.
This disconnection is a ‘decision’ we make, consciously or subconsciously. It often happens when we get hurt; we decide to close to protect ourselves. Each time we do this we disconnect more from our essence. Though this protective system is a good thing at first, it shouldn’t be a continuous pattern. Once it becomes a continuum it keeps us locked away from new experiences that can heal the hurt.

We should really remember that anything that protects us should be a temporary measure. Our hearts operate exactly the same as all of life around us. If we cut our finger, do we plaster it up till the end of our days? It is the same with our heart’s hurts, we should protect it for a while, but once healed we can plunge in trusting that life always guides us perfectly.

Like the cut in our finger, we don’t avoid knives for the rest of our lives, we should just be more careful. The problem is that we don’t know how to heal our hearts. We often nurture the pain instead of the healing process. We keep the plaster on too long. Covering up your wound too long doesn’t heal it, it makes us hold on to the pain and disconnects from what is really needed.

We treat life the same way, once it trips us up we stop trusting. We don’t believe it actually takes care of us and we close our hearts to its wisdom. We pull the wool over our eyes. Once we take responsibility for this and we replace our intent to really wanting to see life and ourselves, it all comes rushing back. It’s that simple! The soul readings I give reconnect you with your inner truth and wisdom. It lifts your veil and allows you to see how life and your own inner truth really works for you. You carry all your solutions inside, always. All I have to do is to open you up to it.

People come out of their deeply relaxing soul reading saying they feel completely confirmed. That is a healing process in itself; to really be seen and heard. Somewhere deep down they felt or knew some of what I see and feel already, but had no faith in it; sometimes because people around them couldn’t see it either, sometimes because of fear to get hurt or be rejected.  Once in touch with their true self everything becomes clear and easy.  The magic of life starts to speak to you, it already did but you couldn’t connect with it anymore.

I love to see people leave my sessions stronger, feeling completely empowered and in touch with their real self again. Ready to keep the connection open, ready to really start living life and their dreams again. They have stopped being lost and now have the recipe that allows real happiness back into their life. A soulreading provides you with a map that tells you how your energy works for you, in often a very easy way. it’s so simple that you wonder how on earth it could be that you never saw this before. That’s the magic of the soul and the simple beauty of the lifted veil… all you ahve to do is take the advice from your own soul and live it!


Love, Sacha.