The new MP3-track that’s just come out, has been made a couple of years ago. The idea to create a track about drawing back the parts that we loose along the path of life initially sprung of a meeting with Juan, a Mexican Sjaman-friend. 

He visited me in Glastonbury with his then girlfriend and one night before we started a group meditation he asked us to come back to our true selves. It was just a minute of “calling back our initial particals”. He didn’t really explain a lot about it, but when we did it I felt a certain power in it and the idea was born.

I explored the idea for a while, worked with it regularly and I tried different ways. All good input to come up with a complete track eventually. I had started studying Hypnptherapy and wanted to create a track that was part Hypnotherapy, there for directing the brain and it needed to be part soul inspired, there for calling on the soul to arise through the gateway of the heart. This would make it a complete track utilising all our aspects!

The beginning of the track is more Hypnotherapy, while the actual drawing back of the parts of your true being is soul inspired and unrehearsed. When we recorded the track I had an idea of how I wanted it to be, but left it up to my inner guidance to come up with the exact wording and format of how to actually draw back these particals that we lost. The second part of the track is more like a soulreading, so the energy of both: spirit/mind and heart/soul are really captured in the recording.

“Being the Magnet – for a Super Powerful YOU” was born and it’s an amazing track that works like a charm!! Enjoy the powerful energy and allow yourself to drift deep down into the core of you.

You can listen to a “snippet” in our player and in the shop. and you can buy it there as well!

much love,