International Peace Day is coming up in two months and as you might know I am supporting the charity ‘Peace One Day’. My pledge to peace was:

‘I promise to always try and create more peace. Peace inside of me, peace inside of anybody I work with, peace in my personal environment and I promise to educate others about the necessity of radiating this inner peace out into the world.’


I’d been thinking about it for a while, how to put my time to support this cause to its best use and reach as many people as possible and I have come up with several ideas. They will be announced to the site over the next few weeks.


So, I wanted to get some input from others on peace and what better way to do this then to go out onto the street to ask people about it? My question to the people I randomly met was: ‘where do you think peace is most needed in this world?’ (apart from the obvious places where there is war going on of course) The answer I got from most people after they’d given it some thought was: ‘In our own hearts’.


When I asked for their motivation most of them said: ‘if I have peace inside, I can extend it to the people around me’. Which to me is exactly what it’s all about. If everybody on this planet would make sure he’d be at peace inside, there would be peace everywhere, right?


It made me question, if so many people consciously know what is needed, and have the intent to do so, why don’t we have peace? Why is it so difficult? The underlying problem was easily found; there were all sorts of reasons for not making, taking or having the time to create peace in our own hearts. Some didn’t know what their issues exactly were. Some didn’t know how to get to that point of peace inside, what to do to deal with their problems or feelings, with their inner wars. Some were afraid of what they’d find inside and some were just feeling too vulnerable to expose themselves honestly.


The conclusion of my little street-survey was that it’s not so much about raising awareness on peace because most people want it. It’s much more about HOW to reach that place of peace in a good way that seems to be the problem. What do we need to do to make peace with ourselves, with our thoughts and feelings, our emotions and conflicts and with our direct surroundings.


You can find some great inspiration to get going on the Peace One Day website, yet I felt I needed to change my pledge to peace to attune it to the need out there. So this will be my new pledge:

‘I promise to help raise awareness on HOW to create peace inside’, to help give you some tools that you can try out within the limited time that we have in our demanding world – and that’s exactly what my work already is all about – helping people come home to themselves so they can feel at peace. I’ll be coming back to this subject in the next few weeks, so keep checking back.



I’d like to invite you all to make a pledge to peace in my guestbook or to share tips on peace. Alternatively you can head over to Peace One Day and commit to a pledge there!


May you find peace and pass it on!
Love, Sacha.