Our mind is such a beautiful tool, it can really help us gain control over our lives and often more quickly then we would have ever thought. We often just needs a little bit of guidance…


I have been treating this beautiful young 13 year old girl recently. Courtney dives at national level and she had grown afraid of heights. She would get to the end of the diving board during a certain dive and she would freeze, as if a wall would hit her and she would start trembling and sweating and see pictures in her mind of the dive going wrong. This had gone from bad to worse, into panick attacks and finally into an inability to even jump into the water from the poolside at times.

When I spoke to her first she came in with her shoulders hanging and I discovered more problems; she was biting nails, could not sleep with the lights off and had started feeling stressed about school, homework and friendships too. Obviously this was having a huge affect on all of her life. We agreed on four sessions to cure this, which normally is enough, starting with two sessions on confidence and then two for tackling the panickattacks using Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy.

After just one session she returned much brighter, telling me she’d stopped biting nails and she’d slept with the lights out without any problems for the first time in years. We had just worked on getting her confidence up, so this was a beautiful result. She was ready to be fully committed to this now and it was obvious that she had been doing her exercises every night and every morning.

The treatments went well and she progressed gradually, so we stopped after four sessions. I recorded the last session for her so she could keep listening to it and I asked her to give me a call and tell me how things were in a couple of weeks. A few weeks later both her mother and she called me. Her mother told me she was a different girl.

Courtney told me the same the next day: She was able to do the dive she’d had the block from again and she had mastered five new dives as well! Her fear of heights had gone down tremendously too and she was now back on the three meter board without problems. She felt happy about her dives again. She told me she slept a lot better and she’d still stopped biting nails. She felt much more relaxed about school and had stopped worrying about friendships.

To hear the smile and relief in her voice, well… that’s the best part of this job: seeing this young girl return to being empowered and being happy. She’d not only conquered her fears but she’d gained a skill for life and will be able to get much more out of her life because of it. She now knows how to use her mind in a way that supports her. All that in only four sessions and she was still using the techniques to get better, she was enjoying it.

Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy to optimize your performance, any performance, is just an amazing tool. It’s so positive and uplifting and easy. You don’t have to have a problem to use it. You can use it at any time and for anything to get more out of what you are already good at…


Love, Sacha.

( published with full consent from Courtney and her mother.)