In a recent soul reading, a client wanted to find out why he couldn’t access what he really wanted to do with his life. The image that his soul gave me was that of a big black thorn in his heart chakra…

The thorn stood for a limiting belief and if he ever wanted to succeed in his life’s goals, the thorn had to be acknowledged and released. I also saw how he had been responding to that thorn, which was opposite of what was needed to release it and heal the gap.

That’s exactly the beauty of a soulreading, it tells you what is blocking you in detail and it explains how easily you can turn this around. The soul’s simplicity in giving solutions is quite incredible. Lifelong recurring patterns that you never understood dissolve in only a few days or weeks.

Life had been guiding this man perfectly to actually seeing and feeling the thorn that blocked him. Beautiful people and situations were coming on his path to touch upon this pattern. In stead of becoming aware of the thorn and releasing it, he’d been reacting to the pain the thorn was giving him.

Every time the thorn in his heart was touched he’d felt the pain and thought he was doing something wrong, so he had rejected the person or situation that touched upon this pattern.

Why does a pattern recur?
The simple answer always is: to get the message across of what is needed, of what is blocking you to move on. IN stead of just reacting to the pain, we should look at the cause and remove it.

Life and our inner source never give up on trying to help us. They keep giving us the SAME EXPERIENCE OVER AND OVER AGAIN, hoping that one day we will realize what to do. My client was getting confused about it though, so he rejected harder and started doubting himself and his path more.

How to really act to a recurring pattern?
Just like having a splinter in your finger, the pain is there to show you that splinter and that it needs you ( or a doctor) to take it out.  Any pain or ‘negativity’ that keeps happening is trying to show you the cause of your life not moving forward.

The problem for most of us is that we do not know how to actually remove that pattern. Nobody in school teaches us how to LISTEN to our feelings, we don’t know what they mean or how to act upon them. The solution is to not give up on your hearts passion, not to throw the baby (your goal) out with the bathwater, but to heal from within, to heal the cause.

In stead of reacting to the pain we need to take time to look how we are handling that situation, ask yourself what the root is, the cause and ask how you can turn things around. We have all the answers always.

BUT we CANNOT access the real answers and solutions when we believe we are doing something wrong, as soon as we start questioning ourselves and doubt our ability to move through the pattern, or we doubt life, we loose touch with our real solutions! It starts with being grateful for being made aware of this pattern or of the pain. That gratitude allows life to answer you in great detail with the right actions.

I stead of focussing on the splinter, my client needed to focus on the cause and heal that. When he starrted giving the cause a cure, the splinter would be pushed out effortlessly! A totaly new way to respond to his feelings, a totally new way to see life and respond to it with gratitude and insight rather then anger, rejection and disappointment.

Believe that life is always on your side and that it’s giving you perfectly what you need. It knows how to get to your dreams, and if you really listen… magic will happen!

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much love,