A week ago I was looking up at the stars after a wonderful BBQ-evening with friends and in that short time that I sat there, I saw a beautiful shooting star! According to good old fashion I allowed myself a wish…

I asked for the truth in a certain situation. Wondering if I would actually receive an answer, I cheekily asked if I could maybe see another shooting star if that answer would really come…

Within seconds of having thought this, I saw two more shooting stars, they almost travelled together. Wow, whenever does on get to see three shooting stars in the space of 5 minutes! I felt incredibly blessed and knew my answer would arrive.

Three days later the truth arrived and I knew it when the insight came. I felt it with all of my heart and soul and body. It made me cry. If you wish for the right things, if they resonate with your true being and you are ready to accept… the answers will always come quickly. Especially when you promise to listen to that truth and act upon it too.

Life is an amazing teacher, if we allow it and want to hear it.

blessings, love and truth to you all,