So I was told by the journalist that wrote the article about ‘Hypnotherapy for Blushing’ that the article was slated for Thursday 7th of March… since it was only a few days before the 7th, I put the announcement out on my website … but when 7th of March arrived…

…the article wasn’t published in the Sun newspaper on March 7th. What a disappointment… and nobody mentioned it to me that it wouldn’t be in. Now I’ve been told that this happens all the time… including the silence on the other end on what happened and if there is a new date yet… so I’m just waiting it out.

Back in December there had been an urgency to getting the work done, within a week… and we did it… The studycase that I was asked to do especially for this article, gave me much insight and is going to be useful indepth information for my Hypnotherapy work and the client that received the treatments is still very happy with the result.

So all’s good… but I just wanted to set the record straight and I’m sure it’ll come out one day in the future. So my sincere apologies for any misleading information… it was beyond my control. I hope you all understand.

Much love and blessings,