I hope you all have had a fantastic start of the new year. I had a great two weeks away, best Christmas in a long time.  In 2009 a lot of changes will happen. And you can read all about it here.

Please keep an eye on the blogs and latest news section for what is to come. I believe that whatever comes our way in life, it always holds a lesson and we can always turn it into something great if we are willing to see that lesson and embrace it. Usually life is giving us a helping hand in pushing us forward for the better.


Heart Shaped Bush

Stourhead still and frozen over. Spot the heartshaped bush that I accidentally captured.

Planting seeds
Last year in January I wrote that it would be the year to bring out many of my products. Products that I had been developing and refining in the past 5 years. Well it all is taking a little bit longer, but that is because I want to make it into the best possible product. 2009 is the year of a bountiful harvest after many years of labour, of testing and trialling and refining.

It is truly amazing to be backed up by professional people and my sponsor, people who believe in me all the way. It makes a big difference to have that kind of support after years of walking this path virtually by myself. Those years on my own, however, have made my inner core and self strong and I can always return to that place.

So …It might not be visible to you all yet, but the ‘seeds’ I planted in the past years are about to show themselves above ground and it is really exciting…

In the next few days and weeks you can read what will change in my work, the blog, the radioshow. You can read about the new website and all my other plans! … please visit back in a couple of days,

love and blessings,