Welcome to part 2 of the Big Change. Right here you’ll be able to read exactly what is changing! Those of you who have travelled with me through the years, know that I’m not one to sit still and I don’t like to do things the same way for too long. I believe it takes the life giving force out of us if it becomes a pattern too comfortable. The soul is after all an ever moving, ever flowing and ever expanding energy.   

I moved to England in 2004 and started from scratch changing the way I worked completely. I started volunteering at the Chalice Well, started the distant coaching’s, the retreats, B&B and guesthouse not because I had planned it like that, but because life was throwing it at me and it felt exactly right. Many of these new things had been lingering dreams to realise. I guess right now, five years on, I’m in a similar phase of total change. It’s both scary and exciting, fun and a lot of hard but extremely rewarding work.

Arthurs Court (Chalice Well)

Arthur’s Court Waterfall, Chalice Well

The Blog
I’ve shared a lot of my ‘magical’ life on these pages and I have loved it, but with recent developments and the misuse of the content of the blog by the stalker and others, I feel it’s now necessary to change these pages into ones that are mainly informative, fun and spiritual rather than personal. To give less of my personal self here will allow me to have more energy to pour into products, readings, articles and coaching’s. I feel this change keeps things fresh.

To reinvent what I love is always a good thing. Yes, it pushes me out of my comfort zone, but it also means that there are great things ahead to explore. Life is always working with us in all that happens, all we have to do is to embrace it!

The Radio show in Transition….and LIVE.
Did I share a lot in the Blog, I shared even more in my own ‘Fresh and Focussed’ radio shows. Not only stories and wisdoms of life that I encountered but a big part of the coaching program together with insights gained from readings were poured into each show.

Over the last months I felt less and less enthusiastic to make new shows. This is always an important sign that tells me it’s time to change. I felt I was starting to repeat myself.

On Air


There will be a few try-outs to see what fits best. At the moment I enjoy it most when the music speaks for me. So you can expect a whole new ‘Fresh and Focused’ with more uplifting and relaxing music, three songs in a row to relax and reflect at the heart of the show, and not to forget a little bit of joy and wisdom in between. We’re still aiming to set you up for a great week and for new insights and practise that will enhance your life and the life of others.

In the next few weeks I’ll be sharing Success Stories behind some of the fabulous testemonials from my site. You’ll hear the stories behind them. The first one up is from Rich Brier, Vice President of Business Development for Vmedia. You can hear all about it next week. ( all releases are with full consent of the actual clients!)

At the end of February I’ll do a few try outs of the show LIVE, on Monday Mornings, and you can email your questions about the soul and about life to the studio while we are on air and I’ll answer them straight away if I can! You can start sending in your questions NOW! Mail me at sacha@soulwise.co.uk.

I’d also like to know what you’d like me to do in the show in the near future and all suggestions are welcome! That includes sending me music that you’d like me to play and that suits the show !

…please visit back in a couple of days for news about the two CD’s that I have recorded… and other things about to come into being…

blessings, Sacha.