Welcome to part 3 of the Big change! You’ve been able to read about the changes to the radio show and the blog. Here you can read all about the two CD’s I’ve been recording recently….

Two CDs
Another dream is about to become reality: two CDs of the work that I do. The past four months the recordings for both projects were done. These CDs will both be very different: a different approach, different content and different ways of using them.


Whether you’d like to relax more, come home to yourself, be in touch with your own core, get spiritually active or down to earth practical or if you would just like to embrace inner sacredness and wisdom then you can pick and choose. There is just something in it for everybody and I can assure you that you’ll not be disappointed!


Downloadable album

The first album will come out around March and will be downloadable from the new website. This album is as good as ready. I’ve been testing it myself in the past weeks and there are so many different possibilities to use it for and the test results are so amazing and powerful that it’s something I am very proud of. I’ve surprised myself in what I can do with the energy that I have been given.

This month will be about finishing this project together with finalising the new website and shop. Creative ideas always need time to be refined until it’s absolutely clear where you want to take them. It’s taken many months of extra work but I just wanted it to be exactly right.


Double CD
The recordings for the second CD went so well that it evolved into a double album. It will be packed with amazing stuff and experience gathered in the past 10 years. Right now the editing process is happening and in the mean time my own personal meditation music is being created as well. More details will come your way closer to the time of release. It’s all really exciting. This album is expected by the time it’s May.


And this is not all, it is only just the beginning! You can expect the unexpected! I’ve only just started producing the products that I’ve silently been developing in the past 10 years and research for an exciting third album are already in progress!


Please come back to read part four of the Big Change in a couple of days !


Blessings, Sacha.