6 days…

Six days before I’ll be making my first live radio show early in the morning of Monday the 23rd of February! I hope you’ll all listen at 8 am UK time and join in via www.glastonburyradio.net !

A new website with a whole new look

Underneath you’ll find a sneak preview of the new look of Soulwise. The new website includes a shop, charities that I will support in 2009, a soul reading taster session, and many other changes to my work. I will come back to these changes in another blog so you all have a clear overview of what’s going to change exactly. The website really needed to be upgraded to match the changes that have been going on inside of me since the car crash of 2007.

Ever since that car crash in 2007 my soul has been upgraded, lifted to a new level and slowly everything in my life has been  renewed and upgraded, Including the energy I work with on a daily basis. It has become so much stronger… so much more intense, more mature….

This new website is the final stage of a process of deep inner change and evolution, it’s the result of a new me arising to a whole new level.

Please check back in a couple of days for more updates and the plans for the rest of 2009 …..

Many blessings and much gratitude to all of you who’ve brought me to this place of creation, to this point in my life….