I had just finished writing a blog for ‘the Glastonbury Oracle’ called ‘Ask and you shall receive’, when irony struck… The blog explained when you really ask for something and it aligns with your real self, you instantly get it. This often happens to me… had I only thought about that when I asked to be cleansed of all that wasn’t needed anymore… because boy, did I get what I asked for instantly… on the very next day.

I had brought some offerings to the Chalice Well, performed a ritual of gratitude and did a meditation in which I asked for a new year’s cleansing. I know my rituals really work but even I had no idea what I was in for. The day after, I woke up with a very bad cough and THE flu. ‘Ok’, I thought, ‘let the cleanse begin’.

The cough and flu lasted for three whole weeks! It were weeks of silence and solitude, because speaking meant coughing. So I used the time I was given to practice patience, acceptance, stillness and surrender… a lot. It gave me many insights into what I was releasing on a deeper level and to what would be coming. Acceptance and surrender made it much easier to allow the process to happen. It gave me a real peace. Sometimes a good flu can be a blessing in disguise giving you the peace and silence you need to travel deeper inside.

Shortly after I got ill, Haiti happened. It was and is such a devastating heartbreaking tragedy for so many and I could feel nothing but gratitude for all that I have, flu and cough included. It then really touched me how this enormous tragedy brought the entire world together in unison to help and I hoped one day we would be able to do so without a tragedy being needed.

I only just recovered in time to fly to Lausanne in Switzerland to give face-to-face soul readings for a week. It was a wonderful, healthy and joyous week in a beautiful city. I felt more powerful in my work after the ‘retreat’ life had forced onto me. I felt a hundred times more sensitive to everything around me because of this big inner cleanse and it really showed me how necessary it was for me to take the time to let go of old ties and left over residue. These things were holding me back.

This is not just the case for me, it is vital to everybody who wants to have a healthy heart and soul and who wants be more in touch with themselves and their power.  The big spring cleaning we used to do in the old days for our house all of a sudden made more sense. We need an inner big spring cleansing each year as well! We constantly build up clutter in our hearts. This prevents our real selves, our souls and our truth to lead us onto the path of joy.  We loose our joy because we clog up.

No matter how spiritual you are, you can always go ever deeper into yourself and cleaning your energy is needed on a regular basis. Like we regularly eat and wash ourselves to stay fresh, focused and energized.  When we keep up, we may not need to become ill. Yet, becoming ill isn’t always a sign that you have done something wrong, that you have slipped up in your cleansing. It often just means you get the time to cleanse deeper then you ever had before.

When we cleanse inside more and learn to accept what life throws at us a peace enters that is unimaginably beautiful. Maybe it is this peace that could lead us to a worldwide unison without big tragedies being needed?


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