I sometimes read the things I have written back and think: “Did I really write this? I need to practice that a little bit more myself!”  The same thing happened to me when… 

I heard the interview with Suzy Greaves for the BIG-LOVE experiment back. I instantly realized I needed to listen to my own advice a bit more.

Every single thing I say in the interview is true and I’ve learnt all of it through experience but after all these years of practice I still do have moments that I feel like I have completely lost all the wisdom I’ve gained. As soon as you ‘think you know it, as soon as you think you got it’… you loose it. The soul’s wisdom really cannot be grasped.

I guess this is also normal, everything in life is like a wave that comes and goes, and it’s the same with wisdom (or love for that matter). The good thing now is that you haven’t lost it at all, though you might think you have. It’s rIght there and when you really need it, it pops up inside of you, just like your best friend does when you need him.


Isn’t it true that love can just happen out of the blue? Well, it’s the same with wisdom. It just pops in out of the blue and when you try to track down the steps you took to get to it, you realize that you can’t. Often you have done nothing specific ( and that is exactly the key!) … Still its always an amazing miracle. The soul has a way of giving you exactly that which is needed, and at the right time too.

This doesn’t mean all is always going as well as you want it to go. Progress always comes with challenge and work, but when you can trust that life is always perfect (even when you are faced with great difficulty) then the deepest peace just washes over you and with it comes a strength and sense of safety that is unbelievably solid. When that happens, you know you are taken care of by a greater force and all worry just fades.

I find it still such a magical experience. It often happens during soulreadings. But I also experience it when I sit and allow, when I truly accept what I am faced with… Then I become stronger than I ever was before and all that seemed to be a problem, a worry or a big disaster becomes clear and simple. I sometimes wonder if this is exactly why I am (we are) sometimes challenged in life, so we can practice and become more of who we truly are. So we can experience the tremendous greatness that is within us and in all of life.

Love, Sacha.