Those of you who’ve been following me on Facebook and Twitter have already noticed that I’ve been working a lot with gratitude in recent months. It’s one of those spiritual tools that you can always revisit and go deeper into…


Gratitude is a funny thing, as soon as I start practicing this inner tool actively, it’s as if life starts to really challenge me on all levels. No matter how long I practice it, no matter how well I master it, there’s always new things to learn. This is exactly what keeps me interested in wisdom, spirituality and energy… it’s just so extroardinarily and endlessly fascinating! With a firm background in mathematics, it’s a never ending interesting source of experimentation and exploration.

Back to gratitude… the other week, when I had to go to London, I found myself not being very grateful or amused by the dog waking me up at four in the morning. But not much later I realized that it gave me time to wake up gently, do my morning exercises the ‘extended way’ and catch the most beautiful sunrise in a much more conscious way. Gratitude all around.

The train was half an hour late and making it in time for my first appointment in London would be very tight and it would be a very busy day filled with readings till 7pm. Just as I was wondering if I could really feel grateful for this too, the train driver announced the reason for the late arrival and his sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. This apology sounded so sincere that it made me feel grateful instantly.

I also felt great gratitude towards the taxi driver that had circled busy London Paddington station for half an hour to wait for me and I was even more grateful when he charged me virtually nothing extra because it was his birthday! I could feel gratitude because the staff at Alchemy had set everything up for me so I could just gracefully swoosh in to start right away.


After a lovely day of work and dinner with a friend, on my way back I lost the ticket for the train. Now… I didn’t feel very grateful for that, nor did I feel grateful for the staff at the station that had no solution for it. I had my reservation sheet with me, the card I’d bought my tickets with and I had the reservation of the ticket with my ID but I couldn’t find the ticket itself. Yet the station staff told me that none of this was proof enough ( really???) and I had to buy a new ticket if I wanted to be on that last train home. (grrrmbbllll)

I decided that this was a time to act rather then think or thunder and I quickly bought a ticket, let go of the crazy English rules.. and I caught the train in the final minute. Once on the train I felt gratitude to myself as none of this had affected my fabulous mood and… things really could have been much worse.


In practicing gratitude in general, I noticed that it upsets me that I am such a Bridget Jones. I have a real unintentional talent to accidentally put my foot in, mostly with people that I careĀ  about. I therefor sometimes ruin things unintentionally. ButĀ  I am ever so immensely grateful for my friends that tell me: ‘this is charming and so incredibly funny about me, they tell me it’s never boring and the people who cannot see this either have no sense of humour, no life or they are simply crazy.’ and I would like to pass this on to those of you out there who are equally ‘graceful Bridget’s’.

You know, we don’t have to immediately be grateful for what happens to us. We may still be grumpy, sad, upset or angry about things that happen. This makes us complete, normal human beings. BUT when we can embrace all that we feel, including the ‘bad’ feelings, and we can prevent ourselves from staying in those feelings by accepting them, then we return to the grace and gratitude from the source that we carry deep within, and this happens almost instantly. Then we can see without a doubt, the gain in every situation and that makes life incredibly beautiful and perfect… Practice gratitude regularly and see how your spirits get lifted to a whole new and beautiful level.

Love, Sacha.

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