After two years of making online radioshows for Glastonbury radio I feel it’s time to stop and focus on something new.There are many reasons for ending the show but …

the main reason is that I don’t enjoy it anymore. I just need a long break from making radio shows. I also feel Glastonbury radio is moving into a direction that is too far removed from my own beliefs, goals and work and I want to commit my spare time to a cause that suits me better.


I have thoroughly enjoyed making the shows, but right now its just time to let go. I find it difficult to let down all my frequent listeners but in the end if I am not happy making the show, that wil reflect back in the quality of it and that won’t benefit anybody. If I can’t do it wholeheartedly, I better not do it at all.

I really want to commit my free time to the charity that I am supporting this year: Peace one Day. I will be looking into ways to support them actively to spread the word and raise money and awareness on peace. Please do have a look at their website and spread the word. Keep an eye on the news and blog as you can expect word on this subject in the near future.

Blessings, Sacha.