International Peace Day is coming up on the 21st of September and being a big supporter of the Charity ‘Peace One Day’ (POD) I will make another big effort to spread peace. I think about what peace is a lot…


Peace on earth, it starts inside of us. When we are at peace, we spread it naturally.  We become a source of peace that others can tap into and they too become more peaceful. If everybody would take responsibility for this, would there be war? I am not sure that this is the case, because the more I learn about peace, the more I see it is balance and balance exists of two poles.

Peace does make life a lot easier. I see it in my work all the time, when people ‘get’ who they are, when they ‘get’ themselves, they become connected to the natural flow of life. This creates peace, balance and stability. Yes, it even creates a new love for life. Once we are connected we have to keep it up, peace is a muscle that you need to train. It is no different from keeping your body in shape by going to the gym, by regular exercise. Practice makes perfect, they say and it is true…  for peace this is the case too.

The thing is that we don’t get educated in doing this regularly. It’s hard enough for most people to keep the body in shape, let alone to do the same for the heart and soul, because that’s where our peace lives. But what are we without inner peace? ‘Unhappy’ would be the answer to that question. It’s actually vital for everybody, for your health, to spend enough time on creating peace inside.

When we are at peace, we have clarity inside. when we have peace, we can pass it on.. easily. This would make it easier to hear our inner voice and to follow its lead. Our marriages, our partnerships would be better and our friendships too. Everything we need to do would be done. We would live more honest lives. Being totally honest with yourself is needed to be at peace. I’ve noticed that life in general is more fluent when attuned to my natural balance, to peace.

So why is it so hard to keep the peace, to find the peace…? Maybe it’s because most of us don’t realize we are fighting with ourselves, our feelings. We don’t realize that this costs us bucket loads of energy every day. We would have more energy when we cultivate peace, but we simply don’t know about the need for peace. We don’t know what it does for us. As long as we can get by, there is no necessity to search the inner realm and to cleanse it.

Most of us need a wake-up call to change their ways. I think that is a real shame. If we could only listen to ourselves more often and realize that our hearts and souls are nurtured by peace. Peace is food for our heart and soul and just like we need to eat three times a day to feel energized and content, we need to feed our heart and soul with peace to keep it going too.

When we do, we become radiant and naturally beautiful. Our passion can come out and we can actually feel it and follow it. Peace eventually leads to success, to creativity and joy. Being at peace is being free of worry, and it creates a ‘being in trust that all will turn out well.’ It’s the key to a better world and yet, there is no national peace program in our schools that supports and educates us in any of this.

This is exactly why I have dedicated part of my work to peace and why I empower people to return to it. It’s why I support ‘Peace One Day’ and why I spend a lot of time writing about the need for peace inside. Once we are aware of what peace can do, we want it  because we know it gives us something so valuable: our health, our balance and stability, better relationships with ourselves and others, easier lives, more love and more joy and a good nights sleep. This is the need for peace… when are you starting?

For information on Peace One Day, or to make your pledge to peace visit their website.

Deep Peace Treatments can be booked this month only with a £10,- discount. Click here to read more about them. You can book them by emailing (Only one discount offer possible per person)

Much Love and Peace, Sacha. ( read on for the additional PS…)

PS….and had I planned to do many private sessions in London next week, together with many other appointments, while thinking about Peace and what it meant to me; I found out that I was pushing myself to the limit to fit everybody in. It had started to feel like I was at war with the demand for treatments and with what I wanted for myself. Though the signs of life showed me very clearly that putting it all together wasn’t flowing. I still felt I had to answer to the demand. More and more it felt like pushing a heavy trolley through thick mudd and it wasn’t making me happy.

It had been a rather challenging summer; my health had been playing up quite dramatically and at the same time my best friend’s heart stopped beating, not once but twice. Though we are both fine now, (he has a pacemaker and I made a miracle recovery that I will write about some other time) it made me think and the result is that I want to just give all my love and support to this FREE event in London that I am organizing. I want to celebrate this International Day of Peace, of Global Cease-Fire and Non-Violence… and where better to start then to be kind to myself, to make Peace with myself. I want to celebrate that my body, spirit and soul are at Peace with eachother again too, that I am healthy.

Reading back the above blog, written a month ago, made it all the more clear: I am organizing this Free event for everybody, including me. So… for those of you who I am disappointing with the postponement of treatments till October 5th… I am really very sorry.  It was a hard decision to make, but boy did it make me completely happy when I made it. I felt liberated and so happy. Everything started flowing again, everything just slotted into place effortlessly.

I hope you all understand. In the end, when I do not feel at peace about something, then how can I talk about peace or even give it to any of you during the peace treatments or readings next week. That would make everything that I do quite fake.

I can promise you though that you will thoroughly enjoy and feel totally inspired by this free screening of the Film ‘The Day after Peace’ and the Peace meditation that I am doing afterwards. You probably don’t need a treatment for a couple of weeks after that! So… hopefully see you there next week… love S.