I’ve just returned from this beautiful but quite intense work tour through Holland. With 42 readings and deep peace treatments in four cities across the country in only seven days, and with only two days of rest inbetween… you can imagine one needs to recover, so I am having a fews days ‘off’…


Well, ‘off’ is a big word. I often contemplate in silence when I have time off and this is actually work too. I need to sit with myself away from the demands of the world and digest all that I have taken in to come back to the clear heart and soul connection that can hear other peoples hearts and souls.

This work is quite intense and deep. I feel inside myself, someone elses soul in every aspect and blockage and I feel what they can’t see or feel multiplied in order to  explain it clearly. It asks such precision and craftmanship, and I need to be so balanced to be able to be clear enough inside to do this as well as I want to. It can be compared to playing sport at top level. It asks full commitment and discipline of me.

To recover from a trip like this in silence, to find my centre and the stilness of the heart is essential. Just like a sportsman would have to relax and take it easy after an intense 9-day tournament. It means to spend a lot of time on my own, without any other influences or people around, it’s the only way t egain strength. It is a complete disconnect from everybody around me and a complete tuning in to my connection with my own source and the source in life.

But I love the excitement and buzz of doing so many readings in a short amount of time and I love the vibrant city in all it’s beauty. After all, I was born and raised a city girl and I’m proud of it. But it’s nice to return to the quiet country life in which I can just be in time and space, and become invigorated for new treatments. The balance of having both, the buzz and the quietness, is quite nice.

What’s been interesting about this trip to Holland is that each day a specific soul-theme would arise in every reading I’d do that day. For each person it would be differently explained or have different aspects in it. It seemed that life had organized this quite well! Each day the theme’s would differ and I want to write a book about it, because reading souls is so interesting and so incredibly educational for all of us.  Each soul is so unique and often explains in clear and clever imagery what needs to be known.


On the other hand, there are so many diseases that I have come across that have similar soul imagary and similar feelings on that deep level,  that it is valuable information for the future. We could be ahead of getting ill, all the time, if we would be able to listen better to our inner wisdom!

It was also interesting that I met a such nice couples and they all actually fitted one another on a soul level quite well too, which is not all that often the case.


I would like to thank you all, for showing me new aspects of the soul, in such different ways… it was an amazing trip and I feel blessed by it, I look forward to coming back soon!

Much love, Sacha.