It is 11-01-2011 and I’m trend-watching for the heart and soul this year: what can we expect? I must admit I only do these worldwide attunements when I really feel drawn to do so. It’s been long since that happened. I also never comment on 2012 for the simple fact that I think nothing big will happen, not instantly or visibly, no worldwide disasters, no big bang, no end to the earth, nothing like that.

I do believe an energy shift is building, like it always has been building and changing our planet and ….


it will continue to do so after 2012. This energetic evolution simply is the way of the world. This changes our planet, the way we are, the way we communicate and feel, and we become more balanced and whole. We can grow and understand life better because of this.

2011 is a year of purification on all levels; a chance to refine the letting go of that which really isn’t right for you any longer. Being detailed about this is important and looking closely at and listening to your innermost self is necessary. Where are you slacking and ‘lying’ to yourself because it is easier then facing up to what is really going on? Where have you wandered off the path of your beliefs and values, and where have you lost connection with your heart and soul because of it?

This year we have the opportunity to feel supported by life and to follow through with what we know we must do, with what resonates inside! The things we have been putting off out of fear, out of neglect or out of pity because we didn’t want to hurt the other. If we resist what must be shed, we might be forced by life to get stripped to the core.  That is no threat or punishment from life, this is simply how it works. Its like food that we leave too long before eating, it rots. Not because life wants to punish you, just because it has a limited shelf life.


It is also a year in which it is easier to own up to and let go of any bad habits and addictions, big or small; addictions to people, tv-programmes, cigarettes, sex, danger, lazyness, mess or maybe even the addiction to be someone and to do so you sell other peoples words as your own… once you start moving towards inner purity and cleanliness you automatically feel ready to shed bad habits, to own up and without too much effort too. This year asks us for a deeper purification of the heart and soul, purity in all your actions and words, purity in all your thoughts, in what you are doing to yourself and to others, purification by forgiveness and by saying sorry.

And this is how we make ourselves receptive for 2012, which represents the start to an energetic transition into self-responsibility and that transition will continue long after. A shift like this can be compared to a transition in a big corporation; it takes planning and preparation before you start the actual transition, it takes mental stability and training and then it takes lots of time, patience and persistence before it is complete. This new year that has just started prepares us for it, if you are cleared up inside and you know better who you are and where you want to go in life, it’ll be easier to adjust and to let this transition support you.


We are entering into a time where we cannot turn our faces away from the things we do, we cannot hide anymore, we are all too aware and this is good because when we do listen to our hearts call and become responsible for what we hear and feel, a real renewal and inner freedom become possible. 2011 is also the year for liberation in that sense. Inner freedom gives you the chance to step into your full power and make your way back to a heaven on earth and a life filled with dreams coming true, not just for you but for all.


Ride the 2011-wave, be the best version of yourself and enjoy the trend,
love, Sacha.

( This blog was previously published in the Glastonbury Oracle.)