Giving the soul a voice is a most rewarding job. Nearly everybody that I read comes out of their reading with the words: ‘that made total sense, it was soooo confirming and recognisable!’ 

…and why wouldn’t it be. I may give words to what lives inside of you, of course you’d recognise it. The words of your own soul, you can feel them in your heart. Really listening to them is healing in itself. They make such sense and resonate a truth that connects with you. It is a freeing experience for people to finally receive the recognition for the things they have sensed, but couldn’t quite grasp or believe or give words to. It can be confronting and eye-opening too, this helps you to grow and stretch for a future with more soul quality in it. Often just allowing yourself to hear this deeper truth will release pressure and suddenly the road ahead is clear to move forward in an easy and more whole way.

This same principle of ‘listening and voicing it’ goes for everything else that you feel inside. When you are able to hear it and allow it, you can then voice it to yourself or to another. Again, this frees you. Most of the time we don’t even have to change or do anything with it, just voicing it is enough ( and for others, just listening is enough too!) That in itself clears it. Inner freedom springs from this…

The secret is in the listening! Truly listening to yourself is required to understand what is going on. Spending quality time with yourself, your thoughts and feelings ‘organizes’ them, makes them clear. Then you create space to hear your truth…and from there the journey is clear, you’ll know what to do… the more you train the listening-muscle, the freer you become. Listening becomes easy when you practice it. So start listening now… to yourself, your partner and to others and experience how just listening changes things…often in a big way!


Love, Sacha.