You can read here, what others recently said about my work on the heart and soul. It is still such an honour to do this work and it makes me so happy that it helps so many people forward to a better life!

“Face to Face soul readings” : This reading is so different from any other healing or reading I ever experienced. You have the gentlest touch ever, and I experienced a peace so still and so different….

It moved me in my heart and I definately got a sense of a true blessing, a washing over me, as if I were washed clean inside…it was just ever so gentle. Like ongoing little explosions of bliss in different parts of the body but unlike anything else felt before. Not the ‘big bang’ healings that others do, but a very gentle and longer lasting WOW-factor of healing’.

Richard, Shaftsbury, UK, 27/10/2009.

‘WHAT a pure strong bright Light, the room was just completely filled with it. Such a great peace and divinity feelable during the reading. It felt like I was washed clean. There was such a deep relief within me during the reading, because of the things that were said, they were spot on.  Some readings are quite heavy, but this one was such a positive stimulus, so clear and practical…and applicable in daily life. Totally positive, I can get on with this without any questions. It gave me everything I needed.’ Muriel, Glastonbury, UK. Singer/songwriter. 29-10-2009

“DIstant Soul readings”
‘It was so very special to listen to the distant reading and I was so surprised on how accurate you’ve put your finger on every single issue in my life, spot on right…’ Christel Geus, Utrecht, Netherlands 3/10/2009.

‘So many truths on this themed reading and especially so many great new insights!! You even felt the stomach aches right! i will definately come back to you.’
Plonia Pieterse, Netherlands, 25/09/2009

‘I listen to your reading often and it’s all so recognisable. The healing energy, …it feels like such a gift. It warms me up and so much synchronicity happened in the first week after listenig to your reading. It was unbelievable! Thank you so much.’ Riet Bergmans 27-10-2009.


Onging effects from readings:
‘Dear Sacha, I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for really ‘seeing’ me while I was in England last year. I really feel that very few and at the end of my tenure there – even me – knew who the heck I was anymore.
You were able to penetrate through all the haze and really see me during the soul reading, and it is only now – nearly a year later – that I can really see that and appreciate it. Your truly amazing soul reading is still unfolding. You are an Angel of the Highest Degree!’ With so much love, Heidi Couture, USA, 23/10/2009.

Soul reading with personal coaching:
‘Thank you so much, for saving my life. I feel so grateful for what you have done for me. I am not only much healthier then before I came to see you, but I also feel such happiness within.’
Anonymous, USA. 4/11/2009.

On the upcoming CD ‘Celebrating LIfe’:
‘Sacha, hearing your voice again today was so soothing. You have such a nice smooth voice, compared to other voices, I’d actually love to record you for my own projects sometime!!’ Simon Wong, Musician and editor, London, UK…after working on edits for the second CD. 21/09/2009