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I LOVE it when my clients WIN. To see them end up with the life, the love, the confidence or the purpose they were looking for is just amazing. Making a massive difference that last forever…

knowing they will NEVER go back to how they were… that’s what makes me happy. Each and every one has given their testimonials because they were 100% satisfied with our work.

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They followed ALL our advice to the letter. Each and every one of these people have worked hard and dug deep for their results.

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Ellie Burrows

"I felt that Sacha was truly able to connect to who I am"

Ellie Burrows had spoken to a friend who had a really profound experience with Sacha. As a 30-year old talented writer and mystic, that high recommendation had piqued her curiosity and made her want try a session. Initially Ellie wanted clarity around her purpose.  A pilgrimage to Glastonbury and a retreat with Sacha, seemed like a great way to do this. It differed from the Asian & Eastern mystical experiences she previously had.

“The slowness and relaxation that was transmitted by the first distant reading with Sacha really impressed me and it stayed with me. I felt that Sacha was truly able to connect to who I am. As a fast paced person living in a fast paced world, I welcomed her ability to slow me down and marveled at her ability to listen to the words of my soul. After our first session, it was clear that a retreat with Sacha would be extremely beneficial.

What surprised me most about my stay at Soulwise was how maternal Sacha is. Her home is undoubtedly a sacred space and the personal care she provides is very healing and nurturing. She is a very calming force. It might sound crazy but one of the highlights of our time together was partaking in Sacha’s morning retreat ritual: early morning yoga, followed by a homemade breakfast followed by a session. The rest of the day is spent exploring, experiencing and relaxing. And her Deep Peace Treatments left me drooling. They were simple, meaningful, subtle and yet very impactful. She really rocks your core!

As previously mentioned, my biggest takeaway was discovering the art of slowness. This is one of Sacha’s true gifts. She helped me develope this art and it has stayed with me and continues to resonate to this day. Before I stayed at Soulwise, I approached my spirituality like other things in my life: quickly and wholeheartedly. But Sacha helped me see that I was missing things along the way. And although it was challenging to slow down at the time of the retreat, Sacha really helped me stay grounded and mindful. Life is much more delicious when I’m moving slow. There is really something to be said for ‘stopping and smelling the roses’ – especially in The Chalice Well and Gardens.

And one last tidbit I would love to share: Although it’s been a year since our retreat, I still remember vividly that near the end of our time together, I had trouble writing an article. Sacha brought me outside and did a 5 minute meditation to help me focus on what I was really trying to communicate in the piece. After helping me get present and slow down for a few minutes, I felt my writer’s block dissipate and clarity take its place.. I still use that exercise in my writing and it works every time.

See, Sacha really sees YOU. She is graceful, humble and deeply in service. She’s a wonderful mirror, true channel and a very special being. Whether you’re just starting out on a spiritual journey or ten or twenty years in, Soulwise is definitely a place that’s worth visiting. It is with deep gratitude and total confidence that I give Sacha and Soulwise my highest recommendation. Happy searching! Happy Slowing Down!

Tina Tran

"The work I did in just one weekend with Sacha, changed me more dramatically than a whole year of therapy before it."

Tina Tran escaped Vietnam by boat with her family at the age of only four years old. It was at the time Saigon fell. They spent their first year at a refugee camp in Malaysia before making it to the US. The escape changed their lives forever, but also left a mark. Tina was often hungry that first year and felt lost at the refugee camp, this led to a great desire for safety and security as an adult.

“I feel very lucky that the US took my family and me in when we escaped Vietnam. I never felt unwanted in America and I feel fortunate to have been welcomed like this. Growing up I struggled with melding two very different cultures and two very different generations. Vietnamese parents can be insistent on the life you should lead and the path to take, so I’ve had to become quite independent to break free and pursue the life I want, and at work I have to be so tough to stay at the top.”

Tina Tran is a beautiful, energetic, successful and smart lady that heads up Business Development for a successful video games company in San Francisco.

“At the time that I booked my retreat with Sacha, I was feeling lost, I was going through quite a struggle in my relationships and I felt let down by the people closest to me, I was struggling with my own decisions, I was struggling with my parents’ views and demands, I felt abandoned, sad and stressed and there was this pain inside. I was really open to trying something new, it was time for a big change.”

One day I met up with my former boss, Andy, now my friend but then I only knew him as a true New Yorker and a hardcore CEO of a large global company. I saw that there was something different about him. Then he told me about Sacha. He just lit up when speaking about his experience with Sacha’s work and I thought; “If he is that impressed by Sacha, if it can affect him to that level of being touched and feeling so joyful, then she must be the real deal.  So why not try this….”

‘When I connected with Sacha on Skype and phone, her voice and her presence, who she is, it had such a calming effect. She instantly put me at ease, I could really relate to her and when we hung up I felt calm, quiet and nurtured. I’d never had a vacation by myself where I’d made room to nourish my heart, my soul and my body, but I knew it was exactly what I needed.”

The retreat reconnected me to that other side of me that I’d forgotten, my softer, gentler feminine qualities. I realized that I didn’t have to fight for everything and I didn’t have to be tough all the time and that I didn’t have to do it all alone. The way it was brought to me during the retreat was so gentle and kind. It’s just such a nice way to change, it made me feel very safe and the great breakfasts and the setting are very helpful as well.”

“I really started behaving very differently after the retreat. I felt calm inside, and my friends confirmed it too. They said they saw the same Tina but a softer, calmer, more complete version. It gave me so many beautiful experiences. I now can allow others to help me, I don’t feel like I’m putting others out, but I’m letting them in. I can receive. I have more intimacy, the result of letting my guard down and I’ve grown closer to people because of it. I feel happier, more whole and feminine and it really shows.”

I recommend anyone to try this, if you feel blocked inside, disconnected from yourself or the people around you, if you can’t slow down or if there is something missing in your life. You’ll get the greatest return form it. You’ll find out who you really are, what you are hiding from the world and what you haven’t discovered. The impact of seeing Sacha, and taking in all that she could see about me deep down, as well as taking it to heart, was powerful and it changed my life. I feel lucky to have experienced Sacha. If you go to Sacha with an open heart and mind, you absolutely will not regret it. Life is too short to keep doing the same things and getting the same results. Taking a chance with Sacha is absolutely worth it. It’s a magical experience.

Jess Vint

"The closest to divine love I have ever experienced."

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I booked my soul reading with Sacha. I was nervous that a person was claiming that they could look into the depth of my very soul and reveal truths that I hadn’t been aware of. I feared it would be a scary or even painful process as I, like many of us, had avoided so much of myself during my life …and someone was about to shine a light on it all and expose everything to me. Even with these concerns I went to see Sacha as I was at a point in my life where I was ready and willing to do anything to move forward.

Upon meeting Sacha all my fears quickly dissolved. Sacha has the most calming voice, loving touch and peaceful presence. Despite it being my first time meeting her, I felt I had been reunited with an old friend. I was amazed at how quickly and accurately she was able to tap into my energy and put me at ease. She has an amazing ability to become one with you and give you insights about your Self and path…She explained things about myself that I never truly understood and this, in turn, made pieces of my consciousness slot together into a beautiful, intricate puzzle. I quickly experienced that I (all of us) already have exactly what I need to move forward in my life – it was just a case of Sacha pointing them out to me and teaching me how to use what was already mine.

During the session I didn’t once feel any fear or pain I had been afraid of feeling. I experienced an extremely deep relaxation whilst being held in the most unconditional loving embrace. It’s something that can’t be described until you experience it for yourself. I felt a very powerful connection to source and I felt reunited with my soul at the deepest level. It was extremely powerful and I came away feeling uplifted and energised yet amazingly calm and truly at peace with myself for the first time in my life.

Sacha is extremely inspirational as she has an undeniable connection to source yet she is very down to earth. She is truly living in her power and is fulfilling her divine purpose. The magnificence of her soul is shining a light on the magnificence of all of ours. It was an absolute honour to have a session with her and no doubt I will be seeing her again.

Thank you Sacha for using your incredible gift to help us. Xx

Mark Cotton

"A complete and insightful package. Don’t hesitate, just do it!"

Mark Cotton is 39 years old, lives in London and he’s in a long-term open relationship. He moved from Holland to the UK in 2003 for his postgraduate in product design. He is now a designer of interior accessories for footwear and he teaches as well.

Mark is quite a private person by nature, so normally he wouldn’t have ventured out to have a soul reading or soul coaching but via Sophie; a dear friend and painter whom he very much trusts and respects, he got to hear of Soulwise and Sacha.

“I wanted to be more focused and effective in everything” Mark says, “not just in work but also in life in general and in love. I wanted to have more direction, steer my life the way I wanted it to go but somehow I couldn’t do it. When I spoke about this to Sophie on the phone, she mentioned Sacha’s transformational work. We spoke about it for quite a while and she said Sacha’s work was very effective and quite contrary to Psychotherapy or anything else too floaty. I didn’t want an ordinary talking therapy. I just wanted help, coaching, in finding direction.

‘The next thing I did was call Sacha to see if I liked her, if I connected with her. Sacha described her work to me even better, it was more about changing things on a deeper level, not so much about changing the surface level of the things going on. So I ordered a Soul reading, which I received a few days later. It’s a great session to start with; a fantastic overview and you get to see how that session works, you get to hear how someone speaks, you get to feel if it resonates with you deep down… and it really did.’

‘Each distant reading that Sacha has made for me since, brought great clarity on how to move forward and on how things work for me. Sacha’s readings give clarity on who you are as a person, on your mechanisms, and on how they work against you and how that can be changed. It’s quite a complete and insightful package.”

“I decided to do some Soul coaching with Sacha as well after my third reading, because the coaching goes even deeper than the readings. I wanted to make a plan, talk about it, implement it and be able to get feedback when I got stuck along the way. It’s been a great experience so far; Sacha is very kind, openhearted, no-nonsense, knowledgeable and direct. She makes it easy to follow what feels best without having to over think it. My clarity and direction are 100% better and all the different parts of me are just more connected, things just fall into place when you work with her. It’s now more fulfilling doing my work. My advice to everyone on working with Sacha, and on having a Soul reading would be: “Don’t hesitate, Just do it.”

Angela Lopez

"Down to earth, with a clear and proper plan to move forward from being stuck!"

I got recommended to Sacha by my friend Tina from San Francisco. She’d been to Sacha for a retreat and it had made her into a better, more complete Tina, a change in her that I noticed myself. I had been thinking about focusing more on myself, on the inside of me. I was creating so much distraction in my life, always scheduling a thousand plans to keep me busy to the point of exhaustion. I was just trying to be around other people all the time.”

Angela Lopez is a corporate Lawyer in Madrid. She’s the Director of the International Legal Department of a big Spanish Construction Group. Aged 35, she’s had quite an impressive career from studying in Brussels, working in Paris and she lived in Shanghai for a few years for her work as well.

“I seemed to only be able to focus on the outside, as if I was afraid of discovering who I really was and what I really wanted and needed. All the activities that I was trying to keep up with disorientated me and made me feel lost. Listening to myself, being on my own at home, it just wasn’t an option.”

“Thanks to working with Sacha this past year, I have discovered myself. I can identify my patterns and control them, it’s helped me in such a practical way with work and my family. I have learned to see and accept all of myself, with all my qualities and flaws. I manage enough time to listen to myself, and can decide what deserves my time and energy and what doesn’t. I communicate clearly with love, where as before I would get totally lost. I am also better equipped to deal with painful situations. I often feel amazing after my sessions with Sacha, it’s instant relief from whatever I’ve got stuck in.”

“Sacha is very accurate and very fast in analyzing what is really going on. She’s professional, personal and very real. She takes you seriously. She has this ability to feel and uncover the areas that need improvement, to see the strengths and weaknesses. You just get full clarity from her and she then proposes a way to move forward in the form of a proper down to earth plan. It’s so very useful and yet so simple!

It’s almost similar to travelling; her work accelerates your progress and your life through slowing you down and really seeing yourself. Life becomes more intense, more in the moment, which happens as well when you travel. You learn a lot in a very short period of time, it can be hard at times but it saves you so much pain, struggle, confusion and time in the end. It would take much longer on your own! And I feel so incredibly happy now we’ve rounded up our sessions. I feel confident, happy, strong and equipped to get on with my life. I am more in tune with who I am inside and I know I will create the life I want.